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An Eye Gouging Experience!


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Sep 18, 2006
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By this point we've all seen the match, or seen the highlights, or at least heard of "The Eye Gouge.Â* Eye Gouging is one of the dark blemishes of the sport that if you play you will eventually encounter.Â* There is always some douchebag that can't control himself and always crosses that invisible line everyone else seems to understand that seperates rugby from barbarism.Â* This weekend past that douchebag was Schalk Burger.Â* Oh, he looked so proud as he ran out on the pitch ahead of his team with his specially and carefully embroidered "50th Test" on his kit.Â* Then 30 seconds into the fray and his pride had turned into thuggery with Luke Fitzgerald wondering if he had an eyeball left or if Schalk had mistaken it for a gumball.Â*

I think we have all come to expect these sorts of incedents occuring every now and again.Â* Not that we condone it, it's just that this isn't the first time and I suspect it won't be the last time.Â* The Rugby Community is always harsh and critical of this sort of incident and the punishments are high, as they should be.Â* The real, and growing controversy is the slight punishment dished out by the IRB and South Africa's Coach Peter de Villiers cavilier attitude towards it.

"This is sport, this is what it's about. If things were clear-cut then we shouldn't even bother preparing for a game," said de Villiers in regards to the eye gouge.Â* This almost approval of Burger's villainary against Fitzgerald has aroused deserved condemnation from the Rugby world.Â* "We are trying to promote the game and yet you hear comments like that. I just find it appalling. I truly find it a disgrace," said Brian O'Driscoll of de Villiers. Â*

I'm aware that Burger isn't the first a-hole that can't control himself.Â* He's the same guy we all see whether on the pitch or in the pub.Â* The point is in society there is no place for this.Â* In my opinion an 8 week ban is nothing.Â* Compare it yourself to other rulings from the IRB.Â*


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