And Acclaim is gone....

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by MoxPearl, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. MoxPearl

    MoxPearl Guest

    GameSpy has posted an update on the current financial situation surrounding publisher Acclaim, which shut down its main offices and its two internal developers studios (in Manchester, UK and Austin, Texas) last week after failing to get a new extension from its creditors.

    On Friday, employees at the main New York office were called in for a meeting where it was disclosed Acclaim was filing for bankruptcy protection. No details were given about whether this "bankruptcy protection" was Chapter 11, which would allow Acclaim to continue operations, granting it immunity from its creditors while it restructures, or how the company was going to proceed. People were asked to pack their belongings and leave the premises by 1pm.

    The Acclaim U.S. offices usually get paid twice per month so they received payment for the first half of August, while European employees only get paid once and will most likely not receive anything.

    When asked about the imminent release of titles such as Juiced and The Red Star, our source confirmed those titles were finished and ready for publication but would obviously not be released on their expected dates (Juiced being Sept. 21st). The financial dispute between Acclaim and Battleborne over Combat Elite was still going on up until a few weeks ago, prouct date was to be determined. In light of recent events, it is safe to assume that there will be no quick solution in that area either.

    After initial calls to the New York offices of Acclaim were not answered, we finally managed to got hold of media contact Edward Slezak, who unfortunately only said "I'm not interested in talking right now" and hung the phone.
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  3. umosay

    umosay Guest

    [​IMG] So are Swordfish still developing it? Ian?
  4. jinxed_nz

    jinxed_nz Guest

    hmm wot a bummer aye. I hope if they are no longer able to develop the game for acclaim. That some other company will pick them up and realise there talent.
  5. Serge

    Serge Guest

    whats up with rugby games and going bankrupt
  6. Wally

    Wally Guest

    What other rugby game went bankrupt?
  7. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    Well as it is certain WCR2 was at least planned to be in development it will be interesting to see what happens.

    Also, I'm sure I remember someone at Swordfish saying they already had the funds for WCR2. Or maybe it was only what they expected it to be.
  8. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    I'm sure that the game is already being developed so they must have some funds in place.
    All they need to do is find a new publisher hopefully.
  9. I'm sure WCR2 will be fine.
  10. Shouldnt see why it should be [​IMG]
  11. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Because most of the games funding would already have been put in place.
    I haven't seen Ian around here lately, so he must be doing something [​IMG]
    Show some faith man. I'm sure Swordfish will get a new publisher and everything would be fine.
  12. Sorry i worded it wrong i was supposed to say "should see why it wouldnt be" but i wrote it the wrong way [​IMG]
  13. MoxPearl

    MoxPearl Guest

    belive me .... its not as simple as that.

    Acclaim would have had *Rights* to publish the game. and they would pretty much own WCR2 (Well thats how most standerd game contracts work)

    So basically.. they will either.. take WCR2 down the drain with them.. or sell the rights off to someone else (if they can)
  14. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Yeah I realise that, but, surely acclaim wouldn't be so bitter as to bring wcr down.
    And besides, if you've just lost your business, you might as well rid your 'rights' off to other publishers.
  15. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Oh dear. I hope they take the money and sell WCR@ to someone else rather than hold on in the hope that they may come right one day.......2025.... [​IMG]
  16. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    I had a game of WCR last night, and saw that it was funded by "Fund4games"(or something very similar, it pops up when first starting). Would this mean that Swordfish didn't really rely on Acclaim for funding?
  17. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    They probably didn't in the development of the game, but Swordfish would have needed them to produce en masse the CD's.

    Oh well....another distributor might get the game to NZ a month ahead of release rather than a month behind. Doug Howlett and other NZ players should take a hike from having too many pieces of the cake and focus more on their rugby.
  18. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    Just wondering whether Acclaim had the naming rights like Codemasters did with Jonah Lomu Rugby. Could be another name change..
  19. MoxPearl

    MoxPearl Guest

    Acclaim Files for Bankruptcy

    Lol @ this

    Shares of the Glen Cove, New York-based company, which was founded in 1987, peaked at more than $30 a share in late 1993 but last broke $5 in mid-2002 and have traded below $1 since last September. Over-the-counter Pink Sheets of Acclaim traded at around 2 cents on Thursday morning.
  20. MoxPearl

    MoxPearl Guest

    i guess the game will go ahead cause WCR is in the same boat as these folks has learned that the eagerly anticipated street racing title Juiced will be unaffected by the bankruptcy of the publisher Acclaim, as it was financed and managed by development funding firm Fund 4 Games. F4G owns the rights to the title, rather than Acclaim, and will now simply seek a new publisher for the game, which was developed in the UK by independent studio Juice Games.
  21. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    Yeah, that sounds exactly like the situation WCR is in.
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