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Andrew Johns arrested in drug bust



He claims he felt someone force the tablet in to his jeans pocket and he reckons he forget all about it!
I can tell you now, if that happened to me, i'd make sure it was out of my pocket quick-smart. I smell bullshit.

Sourced from ABC News
Andrew Johns arrested in drug bust
Former Australian Rugby League captain and Newcastle Knights star Andrew Johns has been arrested in London for possessing an ecstasy tablet.

British transport police say Johns was arrested during a routine operation at the capital's Kings Cross station last Sunday.

He was cautioned and released without charge, but he now has a criminal record in Britain and will have to go to court if he is caught with drugs again in the UK.

The champion half-back had attended the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley Stadium the day before.

The former New South Wales Origin star, who retired from rugby league earlier this season, was one of 206 people arrested for drug possession in London over the weekend.

I posted a story about this man and his social ways about 3-4 years ago…amid the bulldogs recreational drug scandal.

None of this surprises me the least

The fact he is claiming innocence surprises me…I thought now he retired, he would come clean.

It is rife is all forms of todays sportstars.

But thanks to Joey and his ways I cleaned up some good money a few years ago on the Tigers…..Joey was out till the wee hours, and looked worse than Sadaam prior to capture………..he was due to lace up against the tigers in about 6-7hrs……..Tigers was paying $5.00 or something ridiculous……..nobody back then could be Joey and his Knights……….but I knew Joey was not backing up from his slumber I witnessed, and I got on board the $5.00 before boots n all broke the news at midday that Joey was injured mysteriously injured, and would not play.

If any moderator can find this story on a TRF board from 3-4 years ago…be my guests.



I feel for all naïve parents, that went bought their kids Joey Johns memorabilia.

I feel for all kids now grown up in society, now feeling that their childhood hero is nothing but a social ZERO.

I am one to believe they should be left to do what they want – its their business and nobody elses…….unless its performance enhancing, let is slide.

But the growing demand for role models these days doesn’t help, so it cannot be publically supported.

But u wonder why Wendell gets his career slashed, meanwhile everyone else plays the game………….Wendell came from a rival code.

Meanwhile Ben Cousins is on ice, numerous AFL stars are too, Joey gets pinged, and god know what NFL star has shot who last night……….

That sounds like London to me. A friend of mine had a surprising amount of Coke planted in his pocket before the guy dmanded he paid for it.

Mind you he didn't keep it there which means good old AJ has happily bought it for himself. If he's still playing I hope this marks the end for him - I never liked the guy. Moron
in an interview on the rugby league show he has admitted it was his and that he has been using them for over 10 years. I give him credit for atleast coming forward n addressing the situation and not making bullsh!t excuses. but damn, jus goes 2 show how in todayz society drugz is everywhere.
the most significant piece of rugby league history was created last night

arguably the greatest player to grace the game, hung himself to dry, admitting taking recreational drugs thoughout his career

say good-bye to being an immortal

last nights interview is the biggest thing in rugby league to happen in my lifetime

forget superleague, forget rapings - everyone must see this interview - rugby league TODAY HAS A NEW FACE, A NEW IMAGE.

Greatest player of all time, now shamed, by society.
Joey John's a drug user? the worst kept secret in Australia..

Who else was with Wendell that night? 2 other wallaby players... Only Wendell got tested tho, luckily for the Wallabies...

Seriously, anyone who thinks that Joey wasnt off his face every weekend had never been out on the town in Sydney on a Saturday night.. The media prob had all sorts of reasons not to report it, proof being a big one, but to say that the NRL had nothing to do with him getting away with it for so many years is naive.. Everyone knew..

You think those Leaguie groupies never hook up with anyone else? You only gotta do one to find out the dirt on every league player you want.. The shock when i found out that my idol loved the coke! but its not such a big stretch...

Thats what burns me about the Mitchell Sargeant, Wendell scandals... They are so out of whack with reality, and in the case of sargeant, f***ed the career of a guy who was just beginning to take off...

And you gotta love the way the whole Cousins thing unfolded.. i saw that guy out once and he surprised me with actually how f***ed up he was.. AFL is much worse than union or league for recreational drugs..

BUt what do you expect when you get a 18 year old kid, tell him he only has to play footy, and pay him lots of money? the girls, the partying, drugs are not such a far step.
Watching that interview was like getting a chunk of my childhood taken away from me.

f*** I'm disappointed in Andrew Johns.
Yeh that was shocking news when first heard, unbelievable. Used drugs in his whole famous Rugby League career while a lot of fans and supporters looked up at him like a hero. Those moments look to have been gone and forgotten for me now.
I wonder if all the people that now have negative views on Andrew Johns, are can also say they have abstained from trying/using recreational drugs as well.

I know they are a huge number of people who dont and have never touched drugs, but there is also a huge number that have.

The preportion of people dishing him, versus the preportion of people that have also dabbled, seem a little out.

I have on occasion enjoyed a good night out with alcohol and an eckkie or two, so therfor cant really blame the guy. He was caught and he will pay the costs.

Alot of people say that as a public figure he should know better. Well perhaps he should have (as we all should)and his punishment of shame is punishment enough without, peolpe who dont know him judging him.

His life is larger than most of ours and becasue of this his punishment will be as well.

And for the record I will commit to saying that recreational drugs taken the night before will not enhance in a game. If anything its like alcohol. It is a hang over effect. I will say a couple of lines of speed/coke just before kick off may amp you up, but doesn't sound like this was his thing. So over all, I would not call it performance enhancing.
i dont see the big deal... so johns is human :blink: [/b]

not every human takes illegal drugs. it is a big deal because johns is proabbly one of the greatest ever players to play the game and the impact he had on millions of young kids is huge. he maybe human but even humans aren't allowed to take iilegal drugs recreational or otherwise.
you seriously think that hes the only one in the nrl taking drugs? he just got caught. ok hes a legend but alot of legends do things that are against the law, OJ Simpson ahhh murder, that grid iron dude with Illegal dog fighting. I just think we need to see any sports figure as just that and not as a person cuz if that were the case wed prolly be disappointed in most our Sports figures.

just my oppinion :)
you seriously think that hes the only one in the nrl taking drugs? he just got caught. ok hes a legend but alot of legends do things that are against the law, OJ Simpson ahhh murder, that grid iron dude with Illegal dog fighting. I just think we need to see any sports figure as just that and not as a person cuz if that were the case wed prolly be disappointed in most our Sports figures.

just my oppinion :) [/b]


Seriously people need to stop over-reacting to this. A recent (2001) survey suggested that 40% of Australians over the age of 14 have used some form of illegal drugs - I would suggest the statistics for those in the age group and income level of professional sportsman would be a lot higher. That means a huge number of players in the nrl have used illegal drugs at some stage... if you don't believe this you are being incredibly naive. If they get caught they will be dealt with by the court like any other person - I don't buy into this theory that they are meant to be role-models, they are just people doing a job - they make mistakes and if they do the pay the consequences just like anyone else.

As crimes go his was rather minor - He wasn't selling drugs to little kiddies, he didn't go out and rape anyone, he didn't go out and beat someone up for no reason.... People will get over this, and he will still go down as one of leagues greats.
its time for people to realise that its so rife in reality


The Alan Tongues, Beaver Menzies - role models

The Joeys, Tiquri, Dells and Warnies - arent role models

Just because ur good on the field doesnt mean u gotto be good off the field - everyone is different and human.

Societies contradiciton that sports stars are role models and rocks stars are also - is FUBAR'd

You look at the rolling stones etc - where drugs are deemed not so bad
then u look at wendell and joey - and they are blacklisted all over the media

the contradiction and hypocracy makes me sick in the stomach

Let them be who they wanna be.....a taker or a no taker its time to realise, this generation is changing the way we look at sports stars, and now they are like rock stars
Johns asked my mate if he had any pills on a night out after Origin 3. I'm pretty sure he was chopped then.