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Andy Robinson



i nominate rocket head for the wall of shame.

during his reign as england coach he lead england into a dark age, turning his back on young talent and clung onto whoever was left from 2003, his squad selections were awful, england endured an almighty losing streak, losing to the likes of argentina, scotland and wales, teams who england would usually go out to win by a decent score. Many careers were damaged, including mathew taits after robbo handled him badly after the 11-9 defeat to wales. england struggled to conjure up any effective attacking play, going with a backline of ellis (awful at the time, now has improved though), hodgson, cohen, tindall, noon, cueto, lewsey, the backs clearly were not working yet robbo still assured s they would come good. at times we looked to come good, but again robbo got in the way, recalling old players and getting rid of new ones. eventully robbo was sacked, however, england have struggled to recover fully and their defence of their world championship looks bleak.

in conclusion, andy robinson should be on the wall of shame, he was an uninspiring, boring, awful coach, who has scarred england rugby during his reign, it may take many years to heal what andy robinson has left in his wake....

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