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Another League convert?



Rogers goes, Tuqiri makes noises and now Tate from the Bris Broncos is showing interest in Union. What next? How do you fellows feel about another convert? Or is he just trying to get the absolute best deal from the Broncos?

Tate's talking rugby

By Peter Badel

December 24, 2006 12:00
Article from: The Sunday Telegraph

KANGAROOS centre Brent Tate will hold talks with the ARU in the new year as he ponders becoming the latest NRL star to defect to rugby.

The development comes as Wallabies coach John Connolly revealed the ARU had already fielded expressions of interest from NRL players via leading player agents.

Last month, The Sunday Telegraph reported Tate would consider a switch of codes as he confronts signing the most important contract of his career.

The 24-year-old is off-contract next season and his manager George Mimis said Tate would source opportunities in rugby before any move to re-sign with the Broncos.

"At this point I haven't spoken with the ARU but early in the new year I'm sure we will be,'' Mimis said. "Brent and I have had some conversations about it. Would Brent Tate consider playing rugby? I'd say the answer at this stage is probably yes.''

Rest of the article on news.com.au here

They players are looking out for themselves, which is understandable. Whatever is best for the sport, is all I care about.
Tate's not a guy I'd be going after to be honest... They should try and get Hodges instead, that guy has become such a devestating attacking player.
tate?...the dude who alays gets knocked out when he plays the warriors???...its gonna b worse if he plays a team full of islanders like the all blacks...hahahaha...

if there is anyone the aru should go after it is englis..they tried and failed...aussie seriously dont need backs...if anything you need frontrowers and you certainly cant get any rugby proven props from league...unless willie masons mouth is large enough to swallow hayman,mealamu and woodcock..(whats the bet he would try such a thing)...

no matter..tate will not make a strong impression on the rugby game what so ever it would take him years to adjust...come on australia you can do better than that
Tate is good in League, a great player, but to be honest I'm surprised he's still playing. The fact is he has neck problems - he wears a brace every match and in either sport would be a liabilty. In a test match this year, he was involved in an ugly high tackle. Now in most cases it probably wouldn't have been terrible, it just looked bad, but I think the fact that Tate has neck problems made many people around the ground particularly the commentators grown and speak worriedly.

No, the ARU shouldn't go for him although he probably could turn into one hell of a player. I tell you who could be decent is Petro Civinoceva. Although, I think he has been signed on for another few seasons with the Broncos.
How the hell is he suppose to play rugby wearing that thing around his neck???? :wacko:
I think the twat is just trying to increase his pay in league. No way will he survive in union.

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