Any Kiwis and Ozzies heading up to RWC 07

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by stinga, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. stinga

    stinga Guest

    Hey guys, A new Kiwi to the forum (Crusader supporter) now living in Perth Australia.
    Wife and I are heading up doing our own thing as she got us random draw tickets to the final.
    Anyone interested in hooking for 3 million :cheers: and getting upto no good, for the semi or final yell out!

    If anyone can recommend a cheapish 3 star hotel in downtown Paris, advise on how to get tickets to semi 1 on Sat 13th, or any other words of wisdom we would love to hear from you.

    Look forward to hooking up with some of you lot!
    Al and Dee
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  3. stinga

    stinga Guest

    Sorry boys missed out an important word in my first post.......

    Thanks for the link btw
  4. Samantha

    Samantha Guest

    Al and Dee

    I am an Aussie/Pom also living in Perth and also a huge Kiwi fan, having lived in NZ for nearly 2yrs.

    I was going to the RWC, have a Paris Group Pack (3 Pool A matches & 1/4 final), and had even booked a neat little apartment to rent, but am just changing jobs and can not afford 5wks unpaid leave. I am gutted. :(

    Tickets arrived today which makes me even more sad :wah:

    Depending on how long you are going for you might find a studio apartment works out cheaper than a budget hotel. Happy to give you some website addresses if you are interested.

  5. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    Welcome to the forum Al, Dee & Sam.

    Just curious Sam, how many pounds would it take to relieve you from those tickets :D
  6. Samantha

    Samantha Guest

    Just curious Sam, how many pounds would it take to relieve you from those tickets :D


    Sorry they are not all Pool A matches, they are all Paris stadium matches. The details are as follows;

    England v SA at Stade de France. Block K4, row 27, which is right behind the posts.

    Italy v Portugal at Parc des Princes. Block F11, row 15, which is a corner position in the lower tier.

    Englanv v Tonga at Parc des Princes. Block K11, row 5, which is again a corner position in the lower tier.

    1/4 final winner Pool D & R/U Pool C at Stade de France. Block A10 row 52, which is a middle tier position behind the posts.

    If you are interested send me a private message with an offer (pounds ok (I can convert).

    Sam. :)
  7. stinga

    stinga Guest

    Hey Sam, bummer about not going up!! we are flitting over to London in between the semi and final and then off to Rome after. ahve booked some accomadtion already.
    Managed to get some semi tickets through a guy on ebay, purple cate and he only charged 150 bucks above the market value which was bloody good I thought.
    I'll have a few wines up there for ya :bleh!:
  8. j1mb0

    j1mb0 Guest

    I'm an Aussie living in Brisbane, I'm heading over in September for the action...I've got tickets to a few Australia games -

    Australia vs Japan
    Australia vs Fiji

    plus some other random games

    Japan vs Fiji
    Samoa vs Tonga (looking forward to that one)
    Argentina vs Georgia

    and the two quarter final games in Marseille, which will involve Australia if they finish 1st or 2nd in their pool. I've decided to stay in the south of France, just outside Avignon, to avoid all the people and so forth up in Paris...Even found time to fit in a trip to Oktoberfest :cheers:
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