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Any word from Campo?



Has anyone seen any comments from David Campese in the build up to the final. He's normally got plenty of opinion to laugh at, but i haven't read any of his usual anti-England rants.
He's been reporting for talkSport radio in the UK.

He's not been his usual outspoken self so far, but perhaps he's holding back as he's on a British radio station.
he used to be quite a big pull on UK television, but his one-eyed support of Australia regardless of their form, and his constant "pom bashing" got a little boring and I think the public just ended up thinking he was a bit of a prick, although an awesome player in his time. He predicted England would choke in 2003, and after the tournament, one of the papers got him to walk down a main street in London with a sandwich board on saying "I was wrong, England were the best team" or something similar, but like I said, people were just bored of him by then. Only 1 paper turned up and hardly anyone came to watch or reported it. After that he has just faded away into obscurity. He was quite a celebrity here and could have made some nice money out of it, but screwed it up by revealing that deep down he really is just a bit of a tosser.

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