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Apart from Dragons and Zebre, are there other URC sides that would also not survive in the English Premiership?

Tooting Carmen

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Sep 18, 2018
In the past, I would have said Edinburgh, Connacht and Benetton as well, but all of them have improved substantially in recent years. Conversely, for all the fuss made about the Premiership being a putatively superior league, I'd argue that Leinster, Munster and maybe Ulster and Glasgow are better than the majority of teams in it.
Leinster and Munster ain't played nobody Paul. In the English Premiership it just means more. When you play in a truck stop league you can just beat up on teams weak after weak. But when you play in the Southeastern Conference English Premiership you have to face English Premiership speed every single god damn week. There ain't no rest down here boy.
I will say here, Scarlets would do more than compete.
Kalamafoni is viewed as one of the best Scarlets signings of modern times.
At Tigers he was pretty average solid player but that was about it
and yet his play style has not changed at all.
Ignore them Craigo, it is the bitterness of men whose teams, unlike the Scarlets, haven't tasted a championship in recent years. Scarlets had a slow start to the season but may be coming good.
Yeah to be fair to Scarlets they're a good side and at home they're damn near invincible,
What they'd do to Prem sides in the lower-mid, 7-10 table position range would be unthinkable

A much weakened Scarlets were leading a star studded Sharks in Durban after 50mins which looked like immaculate timing, but alas not. They'll lose.
Hard to tell but the week in week out plus 6 nations, autumn internationals, European cups.
Make the premership very atrisional. No doubt 3 if 4 Irish clubs would compete very well after that not so sure.
I have my doubts about rest abilities to finance and developing through academies to survive in what would be a division 1 and 2.
I thought both the Welsh sides matches against the Lions and Sharks were decent. Or at least a lot better than the score lines suggested. Either side could've won those games on another day.
Only got away in the last 20. Good effort.