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Apparently .............................God Hates Ireland



Fred Phelps. You just gotta laugh. This could only happen in America.

In 2003 Phelps turned his attacks on Ireland. In a sermon preached on July 29 2007 in which he returned to the topic, he told his congregation that he had launched a website [http://www.godhatesireland.com] to "expose Ireland as the Emerald (now Pink) Isle of the Sodomite Damned, â€"saturated with fags and dykes at every level of society and government." His most recent tirade was triggered off when the Literary and Historical Society, a debating society in University College Dublin invited Phelps to participate in a debate on homosexual adoption. He told his congregation that in the past he had

"warned America about Ireland’s sad, sick, sodomite culture and fag Irish Senator David Norris’s case before the European Court of Human (i.e., Fag) Rights. (Incidentally, the “Openly-Gay†fag Irish Senator Norris was represented before that Strasbourg European Fag Court, by the famous Dyke-Enabler and Irish President, Mary Robinson.)
We warned that WBC has had lots of experience with Ireland’s militant sodomite citizenry, steeped for many decades in ignorant, blind, idolatrous Catholicism, belching out their vile fagspeak,slander, and blasphemy against God and His Word â€" cursing WBC members as guests on Dublin talk-radio shows.
Remember, Martin Luther said Catholic churches, seminaries and monasteries are nothing but sodomite whorehouses filled with unnatural brute beasts and devils. We warned that the very leprechauns of Ireland are likely to be fags!"
Phelps' attack on former president Mary Robinson and Senator David Norris, both widely respected figures, drew ridicule in Ireland.


have to say I love the quote "The Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act ............ is a draconian, antichristic cup of Satan’s slimy vomit straight from the maw of Hell", from godhatesireland.com.
There all idiots in that "church".Phelps is a hatemonger who talks ****.
God hates Phelps i say!!
Never heard of him. But it could have been written any time over the last 500 years. Same old, same old.
There all idiots in that "church".[/b]
Very much so, in fact I think they are all related.

I just like the way he composes his diatribes. I mean if your going to be nasty, and least be as nasty and as hateful if you can.
I've always hated this pig f___er. Now, he's attacking Ireland? The country that built America, the country he loves (well, I don't know if he actually loves anything).
I can't say it enough, I hate this dude. He's going around with his congregation protesting the funerals of soldiers right now. I mean WTF! I understand saying you don't support the war, but lay off the families of those killed in military actions. If I ever come face to face with this man, I will beat the s___ out of him, that is a promise.
It ****** me off that he uses Chrisitanity to promote ideas of hate. Individuals like him have been f___ing with a pure faith for 2,000 years. Because of him, people that are Christian have to always be on the defensive. "No, I don't hate anyone." I laughed when I saw godhatesfags.com, and now I'm just dumbfounded with godhatesireland.com.
So, Fred Phelps, I'm calling you out.

I will beat the **** out of your 77 year old wrinkly ass.
Okay, I know, responding to hate with hate isn't the "right thing", but come one, who doesn't want to string him up like a pinata?

For more info and this sadistic prick click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Phelps
God's doing a bit too much hating here for my liking.
Isn't anyone gonna return the love?

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