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Discussion in 'International Test Matches' started by Gaetan, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Gaetan

    Gaetan Guest

    I'm canadian and new at following rugby, I've read that Argentina have been invited to the Tri-Nations wich will became the Four-Nations I guess.
    In the same article it is also said that it might join the Super 14. If so, would it jeopardize the staying of Argentina in the AMERICAS RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP.
    Geez! Hockey is a lot simplier to follow, Rugby's a great game though.
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  3. Woldog

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    Argentina won't join the Super 14 any time soon, I don't think, as far as them joining the Tri-Nations, I don't see it jeopardizing it, unless they are on at the same time.
  4. Melhor Time

    Melhor Time Guest

    The A.R.C will go on whether or not Argentina join the Super 14 or Tri Nations. The purpose of the Jaguars is to give Argentina's best domestic players game time so that they can be match ready if and when they are required to represent Argentina's senior side: Los Pumas. If Argentina do get a Super 14 team or even several of them they are still going to have players to construct solid teams for the A.R.C. What is going to happen in 2012 is that Argentina will not have a Super 14 team. Players will be involved in the Super 14 by playing for the existing teams in the new Super 15. Possibly up to 40 Argentina players will be there.

    Argentina have over 50 players in France and in Italy too. The number of Argentine players playing pro rugby is very high when those playing elsewhere are added. Yet. Argentina still have a great number of elite players based in Argentina and consequently the Jaguars are strong. Argentina presently has a few domestic competitions such as the city competitions, national club competition and the national provincial championship. The Argentina NPC's elite division (Zona Campeonato) is what could be used for the A.R.C. It has 8 teams, those being the top 8 of Argentina's 24 provinces. This year Cordoba won. Cordoba could thus go on to play the winner of the top Canadian and top U.S.A team in the A.R.C.

    The A.R.C will go on and will be expanded. Starting with the U.S.A getting its own conference similar to that which Canada has in this, the debut season. The conferences merely need to take place at the same time. This would mean that the present slot of Argentina's NPC needs to be moved from February/March to September.

    Another possibility is for each participant country to, like Canada, have 4 teams. Therefore Argentina would combine teams like Canada have. For instance 1:. Buenos Aires, 2 Northern Argentina (Salta, Tucuman) 3 North East / Entre Rios(Rosario, Santa Fe, Parana), 3 Cordoba. 4 Mendoza, San Juan.
  5. Gaetan

    Gaetan Guest

    Sorry guys, not familiar in using the forum.
  6. Gaetan

    Gaetan Guest

    Thank you MELHOR TIME
    very clearly explained
  7. Jethro

    Jethro Guest

    Basically, and in an insane burst of trying to destroy the S14 by SANZAR, Argentinian players are somehow going to be shoehorned into the S15 expansion. Guess we know where the Aussies will be picking up their front row in about five year's time. (we need a fishing emoticon folks).

    We live in interesting times.
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