Are there any NH players better than SH?

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by BOKean, Sep 30, 2007.

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  1. BOKean

    BOKean Guest

    Im sick of hearing all these welshman say peel is the best scrum half in the world etc etc
    can anyone name a northern hemisphere player that is the best at his position in the world?

    i cant think of many... i would have said BOD but he hasnt been that great of late
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  3. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Absolutely no one. I too would have said BOD, but Mortlock is definitely the best center in the world right now. I also would have said Denis Leamy is the best no. 8 in the world but Ireland's going **** and a fit Pierre Spies would probably be better.
  4. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Pichot is probably the closest thing to it being that he has played in the North all of his career.
  5. KZNSharksFan

    KZNSharksFan Guest

    Thank god some one has finally put this out there!! NH has the most money, largest player base etc etc and are still shite! 4 out of 5 world cups have been won by the tri nations. I can't think of a single NH player who is best i nthe world in his Position
  6. hmmmmm?...

    and this forum is run by northerners but we are yet to see a northern response

    i was right all along

  7. It's 9am on a Sunday up here and you're expecting a massive response? Wait until most people have woken up at least.

    There are NH players up with the best in their position, but none would be certainties for a World XV.
  8. im not expecting a massive response just a conclusive one...that will say the southern hemisphere players ARE better..and our teams ARE better..

    this is about the TRUTH...and the truth is that our competitions such as the super14 and trinations are superior and they produce better performances and better say that...any one of you northerners say it and this discussions closed...its about recognition and knowing youre place in the world...with out the sarcasm and the quips at the allblacks choking or the 6nations being better..or who evers the best..because quite simply put and factually seen..the southerners are guys thing you have something a player like carlos spencer and all of the sudden..we have the best competition in the world you dont and your players have been put to the test..and are failing miserably..
  9. So at the moment the SH are playing better rugby - I think most people can see that.

    However, what about at the last World Cup when there were a lot of NH teams making the running? Sport will fluctuate over time; no team will remain at the top forever.

    At the moment it's blatently obvious the SH teams are playing better, but in terms of club (or franchise) rugby, then it's impossible to directly compare sides from different competitions unless you see them go head to head.

    The All Blacks are a magnificent side because they have such a depth of talent at the moment. The fact that they were removed for half the Super 14 shows that this competition isn't essential in producing the cohesion and fluid style they have managed to create.

    Basically, SH sides are currently playing the best, and they currently have the top performers in the world. However, it won't last forever.
  10. HA!..all i had to do was read your second post to know your ignorance and pride still owns you

    nothing personal..but i guess thats why alot of your rugby is failing at the moment..too much pride..too much ignorance..hey prime suspects the welse and english coaches

    good day sir!
  11. aussie_pride

    aussie_pride Guest

    I think Scott Murray and Nathan Hines are both two exceptional lock forwards and both are probably the only two world class players in the Scottish team and on their day could compete with Matfield and Botha. Chris Patterson at the moment is probably the best goal kicker in the world. Gavin Henson when matured and on song will be the best player in the world no questions asked and Gareth Thomas is probably one of the best defensive backs for mine. Pichot and Ellisalde for me are the two best half backs in the world.
  12. phoenix

    phoenix Guest

    Paterson and BOD are the only 2 with a chance
  13. Ally Hogg, Jason White and Simon Taylor are one of the best back row units in the world. Individually, very skilled - not as much as the SH players -, but as a unit they're pretty damn awesome.

    Paterson's goal kicking is the best in the world, the stats don't lie. The rest of his play is quite good, but I don't think he's one of the best wingers/fullbacks or stand offs in the world.


    yes what about the last world cup? guys won and congrats you were the best team in the world at that time..ofcourse sport will fluctuate..but whats the arguement here? south over the north?..yes..and over the 20 years of world rugby championships how come only northern hemisphere team has won that? team will remain at the top forever..yes true..but the south has pretty much a 70 - 30 percent say over who has had the more dominant and more influencing rugby

    really?...when the majority of your best players are originally from the curry cup,npc or the australian divisions and the super14 and make up almost half of your european club players?..its easy to say "lets go head to head" because the majority of your best european club teams have alot of our players in them

    thats so wrong...what are you saying about the australian and south african super14 players?..the only teams to have challenged the allblacks are our trinations rivals..and just because we condition them doesnt mean that the super14 hasnt influenced the ab's enough..i mean after winning trination titles,grandslams,tour after tour,beating the british lions..they dont deserve a rest?...your comment is completely riduculous especially when the majority of the condition players are super14 champions which has ultimately led them to what the team has become now

    from what i said earlier and after dominating 20 years of world cup rugby..the south does have a huge baring on what goes on rugby...advancing it,revolutionising it and carrying it..thats why i hate when you guys bag us and dont recognise the leadership role that we have developed in the professional sports world..just admire it without any friction or defense..true indeed england were 2003 champions..they were basically the best basic playing team in the world..they have yet to advance from took them all but 16years to make a great challenge for the cup..and i will proberly say it will take them another 16 or so what does that say?

    in the end...this is for certain

    south > north...
  15. RC

    RC Guest

    I think at the moment, yes, it's fair to say the Southrn Hemisphere is better than the Northern Hemisphere.
  16. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    The standards of the SH international sides is currently a long way ahead of the NH, a lot of which is because politics don't seem to get in the way of the rugby in the SH (even SA and the quota system is simple compared to the bullshit the northern unions come out with).

    However, the top 8 HEC clubs would **** over any Super 14 franchise.
  17. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    For starters, Pichot is from Argentina which I believe is located in the Southern Hemisphere. Also, I think Fourie Du Preez would have a very strong case to argue with you about that.

    But aren't the HEC clubs packed with Southern Hemisphere players any way? Hardly any case to argue if that's the case (correct me if I'm wrong). But are you sure they would "**** over" the likes of the Bulls, Crusaders, Brumbies and Sharks?
  18. ^^^^ssshhhh..and the blues

    just quietly lol
  19. Patterson probably best goal kicker in the world (100% in world cup, whats the percentage of wilo and carter?)

    i think R. Lamont has the potential to be 1 of the best full backs in a few years - but right now i think the southern hemisphere wins hands down. (appart from the "scariest looking player award" = chabal! ;))
  20. if chabal had more game time in the french jersey he should be one of the best flankers in the world..or one of the more effective ones

    wilkinson is slowly coming back to form..but with his crap team hes doing it the hard way
  21. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    But aren't the HEC clubs packed with Southern Hemisphere players any way? Hardly any case to argue if that's the case (correct me if I'm wrong). But are you sure they would "**** over" the likes of the Bulls, Crusaders, Brumbies and Sharks? [/b][/quote]

    Wasps, Leicester and Gloucester;

    1. Aren't full of Southern faries
    2. Would spank any of those sides you mentioned

    To give you a rough idea how much better Premiership clubs are then the SH union owned franchises, I seem to recall the worst Premiership side last season, Northampton, have their junior academy (so basically a bunch of 17 year old kids) demolish a Waratahs 2nd string (including a lot of their now Aussie internationals) 24 - 6.

    Small consilation that the majority of our players are currently shite or great and don't get international call-ups because of politics/nepotism.
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