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Are you still playing rugby 06?

Are you still playing rugby 06?

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Yes, but only because I've only been able to play it for a couple of weeks. Duff CD drive, you see :(
Yep. normally only a match or 2 per week, but playing 10 min halves has extended the lifespan of the WL mode as it's not realistic to play a whole year in one night.
Yes. Just started again. This game is awesome. Still needs some tweaking though.

At least EA are finally on the right track. Rugby 2004 still gives me nightmares...
yes. but in between uni, work, and me hooning around in my car, the real answer is no. but if i had more time, deffinatly yes.
This game is good, there are patches that are boring but it always comes up with something new to try, darhf's editor has given it a new lease of life, even though I have edited all the roster.

Everything is now correct.

my answer would be um.. no sorry :) havnt played it for weeks

i got bored easy, but i might give it a buzz now as i am bored
Yes to be honest.

Im trying my luck to unlock everything. But also Im now in project Quins and that is keeping me occupied.
had a game, was a good game was down 24-3 at half time, ended up being a 31 all draw

but meh i prolly wont play it again for a while
haven't touched it since getting the 360. Plus, even though soccer is a dodgy sport, PES 5 is the best computer game of all time.
my ps2 hasnt seen the light of day since i got the 360

neither have i for that matter :unsure:
I am still playing as I'm quite close to filling the Elite trophey cupboard. Can someone confirm it does allow me to edit the Barbarians right?
Play it sparingly, so it's still a challenge, and I've still got plenty left to win.

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