Argentina in the 6 nations ?

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by tooniesbruxelles, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Hello,

    I heard in brussels, my city, that Argentina could play the 6 nations and have Brussels as home field ?
    Have you some infos about that ?
    Sorry for my english im frenchspeaking.

    Ps how can i hjoin the topic Ea sports rugby 2008 ?
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  3. melon

    melon Guest

    G'day toonies.

    Firstly, the idea of Argentina playing in an expanded 6 nations is only as i said several words back, an idea. Also brussels being the home base, thats only an idea as well. But it makes sense seeing as though its much closer than Argentina!

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  4. nainbot

    nainbot Guest

    I think it's not a good idea but in the tri-series yes !!!
  5. Andre

    Andre Guest

    It would be great to see Argentina play in a big competition such as the Six Nations, but I don't think it'll happen :/
  6. Martin_ar

    Martin_ar Guest

    It would be great if Argentina get's into a competition, i'd prefered to join the six Nations and not the tri nations, coz i think it would be more competitve for argentina the first one
  7. Rikeka

    Rikeka Guest

    I would prefer to see the Pumas on a "Four Nations", as it will probably help Arg more in the long-run...

    Realistically speaking, any annual tourney helps.
  8. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Argentina have no chance what so ever joining the six nations according to Syd Millar. Apparently there is not enough room. Anyway, why would they join a NH competition with 6 teams already in it? They should join the tri nations as it has a greater right to do so as they are a SH team. They will also benefit more playing with NZ, SA and AUS every year.

    It is far more likely they will join an expanded tri nations tournament. Only problem is, all their players will be playing for their French clubs whilst the SH internationals are cranking. It is a problem.
  9. Niue

    Niue Guest

    Certainly, Argentina merit inclusion in a major tournament other than a World Cup every 4 years. It's where they'd fit in is the obvious problem.

    Maybe a restructuring of the Tri-Nations is the only way forward???
  10. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    I do love it how all the SH guys are suddenly accepting Argentina as one of their own now they're recodnised as a good side. Especially as none of them could give 2 shits a mere 6 months ago. The power 1 world cup has. :rolleyes:

    If Argentina joined the 6 Nations tournament, some sort of relegation/promotion system would need to be introduced; Whoever finishes last this year gets "relegated" (eg, Wales) and Argentina come in. The following year whoever finishes last (eg. Italy) would be religated and Wales would come back. 7 teams in the torunament though is far too congestive on the fixtures, the players would never be with their clubs otherwise.

    The Tri-Nations would proberbly be a better alternative for Argentina to compete in annually (despite all of their players playing in the North), but SANZAR would only look to rape them for every penny their worth and would still never accept them as "one of their own. *cougholdboysnetworkcough*
  11. Malherbe

    Malherbe Guest

    i think they should join the tri nations...
  12. Quoling

    Quoling Guest

    Talk is for the tri nations but not until 2010 - which IMHO is too late - they need to be involved NOW - add Samoa and Tonga to the mix and suddently things could be interesting
  13. Brodizzle

    Brodizzle Guest

    ....the argument started in earnest (beyond more then a pipe dream) when South Africa started looking towards moving to the Northern Hemisphere this year....whenever a argument about the future of the tri nations comes up Argentina is almost always in the mix, but disregarded as of logistical seems only on this forum that these topics have came up during the World Cup...
  14. Right now there's no room for Argentina in the 6 Nations and their season is different with that of the Tri Nations teams. Long term the best solution would be for a global season to be implemented and Argentina to join the Sanzar countries but what's the plan if a global season can't be worked out?

    A two tier 6 Nations is one option with promotion and relegation between the divisions but I can't see that happening while the Celtic nations in particular have such a strong say in voting. The other option could be for Argentina to be afforded some type of associate member status. As things stand, the 6 Nations is played out over 8 weeks. That leaves three free weekends. for each team. Perhaps it would be possible for Argentina to play three away games against 6 Nations opposition on those weekends while they face the other teams in Buenos Aires at the end of May/start of June. Results of the Argentina tests don't count to the 6 Nations standings due to the fragmented timing of these games.

    Player burnout could be an issue, and I imagine the RFU and clubs would be on a collision course with such a proposal however there could be a tradeoff of one less Autumn test being played (as an example). The extra gate receipts Argentina, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Italy would get would be invaluable. These countries would also get the chance to rotate their squads a little in meaningful games.

    It's not ideal but with the UAR seemingly unwilling to professionalise the sport in their country (perhaps with good reason), the likelihood of a pro Buenos Aires club in an expanded Super XV is remote and thus Tri Nations membership is unlikely.
  15. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    ....the argument started in earnest (beyond more then a pipe dream) when South Africa started looking towards moving to the Northern Hemisphere this year....whenever a argument about the future of the tri nations comes up Argentina is almost always in the mix, but disregarded as of logistical seems only on this forum that these topics have came up during the World Cup...

    Have a quick peep at the archives... This subject has been discussed for years on this forum.
  16. meastro

    meastro Guest

    On current form it doesn't look like Argentina need the benefit of meanigful comptetition in between world cups. Their rise in ability has been extraordinary considering the circumstances. They may even win this competition. It would be nice to see them in an expanded 4 Nations (SH), but this would surely mean that many of their top players would leave their European clubs.
  17. melon

    melon Guest

    Without meaningful competition, their abilities will plateau, therefore not being able to grow to their full potential. Why you'd say such a thing is beyond me, possibly you could explain?:) Maybe theres somethng I've missed...
  18. rugby_roots

    rugby_roots Guest

    6 nations is for the European countries.
    Argys don't belong in a European competition.

    Agies belong in a competition between USA,CANADA,URUGUAY,CHILE, and the Caribean in order to develop rugby in that side of the world.

    If they can constantly dominate rugby in North America, South America and the Carribean than rugby will develop and the competition will get tougher as nations try to improve.
  19. scuubasteve

    scuubasteve Guest

    What amuses me is that people want Argentina to join the 6N but no one has said a thing about the PI's!

    After all, most of the PI players are also based in Europe. And Fiji and Tonga have both been very impressive! But why aren't NH fans asking for them to be included in the 6N?? It makes as much sense as Argentina joining the 6N.

    It is amusing to see everyone bickering of Argentina now. But it makes perfect sense though that adopting Argentina would become desirable now that they're actually competitive.

    Why would anyone want to prop up an average team, who's Union is completely amateur, and who's players play on the other side of the world?

    You really have to take your hat off to the Argentinean players in all this. They've elevated themselves to a position where they can't be ignored anymore. And they did so through the only road they had, to play really well for a consistant period. And amazingly they did. It has been a really incredible acheivement.

    I hope News Corp (who are the one really making the decisions, not SANZAR) realise that Argentina have something really good to offer and create a 4 team double round robin tournament ASAP. Conditional on a global calendar of course.
  20. Hieu

    Hieu Guest

    Why the 6 nations? 6 nations is the northern hemisphere of Western Europe, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland (Home nations at first), then France came and then later Italy.

    Argentina are miles away from Europe and using a foreign stadium as their home in Brussels would be stupid in my opinion. Their home is in Argentina. Why don't they join the Tri-Nations and make it the 4 nations?
  21. Rikeka

    Rikeka Guest

    You said the same thing on another "General Rugby" thread.
    Here is your response on why Argentina needs a more competitive tournament.

    Enough "contant domination" for you? Or want another 100 years of Argentinian supremacy in the Americas? :S
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