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    Argentina will face Spain in a "friendly" match, commemorating the anniversary of the Spanish Football Federation. This is going to be a huge game. The list of "superstars" to take the field is important, as is the whole Maradona factor.

    The Spaniards have not announced the starting squad yet, nor have Maradona and co. There is a list of players that have been called up for training though. This list is vastly comprised of players based in European clubs.

    Andújar, Mariano (Calcio Catania - Italy)
    Romero, Sergio (Alkmaar Zaanstreek - Netherlands)

    Pareja, Nicolás (RCD Espanyol - Spain)
    Coloccini, Fabricio (Newcastle United F.C. - England)
    Demichelis, Martín (FC Bayern Munich - Germany)
    Heinze, Gabriel (Olympique de Marseille - France)
    Ansaldi, Cristian (FC Rubin Kazan - Russia)

    Gago, Fernando (Real Madrid C.F. - Spain)
    Cambiasso, Esteban (F.C. Internazionale Milano - Italy)
    Gutiérrez, Jonás (Newcastle United F.C. - England)
    Mascherano, Javier (Liverpool F.C. - England)
    Rodríguez, Maximiliano (Atlético Madrid - Spain)
    Di María, Ãngel (S.L. Benfica - Portugal)
    Aimar, Pablo (S.L. Benfica - Portugal)

    Messi, Lionel (FC Barcelona - Spain)
    Higuaín, Gonzalo (Real Madrid C.F. - Spain)
    Tevez, Carlos (Manchester City F.C. - England)
    Agüero, Sergio (Atlético Madrid - Spain)
    Lavezzi, Ezequiel (S.S.C. Napoli - Italy)

    No Zanetti...? No Palermo...? Heinze still around?! Sergio <strike>"I am here because I screwed Maradona's daughter"</strike> Agüero?!

    Oh wait... there's a reason.

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  3. Another annoying, pointless friendly.
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