Argentina's injuries

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by Agusx, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Agusx

    Agusx Guest

    After Belgica XV match it seems that José María Núñez Piossek can lose the WC, and Gonzalo Longo would arrive. Gonzalo Tiesi fractured maxilar is still in doubt, and I don't remember the one that was operated of the heart hehe
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  3. Agusx

    Agusx Guest

    The operated player of the heart was Martín Gaitán hehe
  4. thom

    thom Guest

    longo's injuries looks very important
  5. Eternal Idol

    Eternal Idol Guest

    Nuñez Piossek is out of the WC, Martin Aramburu has taken his place in the team. As far as I've heard Longo will miss the match with France (what a pity) and Tiesi is recovering fine.
  6. Eternal Idol

    Eternal Idol Guest

    Los Pumas have already arrived to Paris where they Federico Martin Aramburu, Perpignan player, joined the team.

    It has been already confirmed that Gonzalo Longo will miss the opening match with France. Most probable replacement are Juan Leguizamon and Lucas Ostiglia.
  7. Eternal Idol

    Eternal Idol Guest

    Bad news for Federico Todeschini, apparently he will miss the opening match against France too ...
  8. Agusx

    Agusx Guest

    shame :wall:
  9. eze76

    eze76 Guest

    bad joke agusx
  10. Piernic

    Piernic Guest

    The Argentines have been lucky not to have more injuries because they are the same or virtually players who played all the matches of the World Cup.
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