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Nov 10, 2014
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We are starting a project on ARK evolved called "THE STATE" we will not be aggressive but will posses a strong military to defend ourselves and other tribes and players that wish to be part of us have a look below for more info on this and anyone is welcome to join

The State

A large community of players who are still growing, the State will be formed within ARK to bring together a group of people from many different servers using the Gateway. Transferring characters from your home servers (official servers only in this case) we will found a new Capital City for our community to call home. The official server we establish the Capital on will become our home and we shall work towards the common goal of protecting and enriching it. Once ground is broken on its construction, we will begin work on electing our Senate members to help guide, govern and represent us to other tribes on that server, and others.We shall also begin assigning ranks (see section below for more details). Once the Capital has reached a certain point (undetermined) members of the community might wish to venture to other servers to make their own way. The Capital is meant to provide a safe haven for trade, community, and be the seat of our State's power and resources. With a planned 100+ members in the State, we will face challenges as other tribes attempt to take what is ours or eliminate us as we build on other servers away from our Capital. But together we can defend, and excel against even such odds as these. With enough people we can form the greatest tribe the ARK has ever seen.

General Rules :
***Everything is privately owned to encourage trade within the community and discourage theft.
***Each member will have some responsibility to the State, whether if be a small quota of resource for taxes that will be used to fuel public buildings and the military, or public service to help the community grow. Long periods of inactivity might result in being kicked, unless one of the Senate is notified about a prolonged absence and agree to it's necessity (life can get in the way). Do not steal from members of the community or kill them. And be a good person overall.
***We are looking for mature, polite people; who are fun to be around. Our State is all about fun loving, and a good time for everyone.
***If the voting public of the State ever feel their elected representatives are not performing in the people's best interests, 1/4th of the server population must sign a ballot together to initiate the election process for the position. This can apply towards multiple representatives or just one, but it must be specified on the ballot who is to be discharged and from what office in the government. One the ballot has reached 1/4th of the population of the server, the election begins. Names are put onto pieces of paper and put into boxes designated at the beginning of the process. Each name is a vote, and next to each name, is the name of the candidate you are voting for. The votes will be tallied up by three random Citizens each counting the votes themselves while being watched by the other two before they take their turn to count. This applies to all positions except those reserved for placement by the Senate. An election lasts for no more than 24 hours before the votes must be tallied.

The Branches of the State

------------------------------------------ THE PUBLIC ---------------------------------------------------
- SLAVE - Those who have wronged us, attacked us, or committed a viscous crime, slaves are taken into the tribe at the lowest level as a form of punishment. Slaves have no rights within the State, can own no property, and can be bought, sold and treated as their master's wish. Due to the nature of ARK we cannot stop these people from logging off forever, so as a community we encourage that if a slave shows good work, honest attitude and good demeanor, that they be given freedom after some goal is set by the master, then met by the slave. This could be a set amount of resources, gathering a rare relic and bringing it back, or even winning their freedom through combat in the arena. The rank of slave is meant to teach a lesson, not to be permanent.

- SUBJECT - Those who join the community and/or tend to not become overly involved in its workings, Subjects have the right to own property, take up a trade and benefit from the military's protection. For the most part they are left to their own devices. They could be viewed as tribe allies in a way, but with the added benefit of being able to build on the same land and shared experience gain. When freed, and if they choose to stay with the community, Slaves are given the rank of Subject. (Pays Taxes)

- CITIZEN - A player who has shown to be active enough to be noticed by others, Citizens are those who are the core of the community. Given the right to vote in elections, own property, petition the Senate for action, take up a trade, and use publicly owned dinosaurs, the rank of Citizen within the State is not the easiest thing to achieve. In order to become a Citizen of the State, a current Citizen must vouch for you. In doing so they take responsibility for all your actions in the coming two weeks. If you are found guilty of a crime then so are they. But the reverse is also true, if they are found guilty of a crime within that same time period then so to will you share in the punishment. Finally, once a voucher has been found for the new, potential Citizen, the Official must interview them to to give a final recommendation. (Pays Taxes)

- OFFICIAL - Elected only by the Citizen rank of the State by majority vote, the Official is given the task of organizing labor when the Senate requires it, making recommendations on new Citizens, but their word is not final on the matter, but they do have to conduct an interview with new Citizen, but their most important function is to have veto power over any decision made by anyone in the State. To prevent abuse of this power, once an Official uses his, or her, veto, they must step down from the position of Official immediately and cannot be reelected to the position until two other members of the State have been elected, used their own veto, and then stepped down from the position of Official. Outside of their position, the Official has all the same rights as a Citizen. (Pays Half Taxes)

----------------------------------------------- THE MILITARY --------------------------------------------
- MILITANT - A member of our military, sworn to protect the State and all those under it's banner, Militant are put under the command of a Centurion (Captain) who in turn is under the command of the Legatus (General). Any who take this rank must heed the command of their superiors or face banishment from the State. Living the life of a Militant will see you to many battles, as a large community such as our own will surely be challenged by those who think we will falter. Your ability to protect us will mean the difference between a peaceful State and one of complete chaos. Your duties in the military allow you access to public buildings specifically marked for the military's uses such as barracks, crafting stations, and dinosaur storage, etc. Militant are given the right to vote, own property, and use public dinosaurs. (Does Not Pay Taxes)

- CENTURION - Picked from the ranks of the Militants by Militant Assembly, you are the leaders who step onto the battlefield with their men. You are the men and women who race into the breach, shoulder to shoulder with your soldiers. Centurions are the captains who directly oversee military operations. Whether it is a small raid against an uncooperative tribe, or a full blown siege. Each Centurion is assigned a maximum of 5 Militant to look after. They become his or her responsibility to train, lead and protect. This position is an honored one, for only the brave are willing to lead others into a situation that might fail. But, beyond that, the rank of Centurion does afford some privileges. Whenever a military action is carried out by the Centurion and his regiment of Militant he is awarded a fair portion of whatever spoils there are to be had. The portions is decided by the Legatus, but can be contested by the Senate if the Centurion feels he or she has been slighted. Also the position of Legatus can only be filled by someone who has already served as a Centurion. The rank of Centurion allows the right to vote, own property, use of public dinosaurs , use public buildings marked for military use, and given the special right of having a personal office, near the Senate building in the Capital. (Does Not Pay Taxes)

- LEGATUS - The commander, the general of the State's military might, the Legatus is voted in from the standing Centurions, must have 1/4th of the Military vote, and the majority of votes overall. Every military operation must be cleared, by the Legatus before it is undertaken, and his word is final on all matters pertaining to the military. The Legatus convenes with the Senate to advise on military matters and is in charge of petitioning the Senate for funds in military undertakings. In addition to this, the Legatus is give the power to declare war and command the Princeps to fight for the State. To reward the hard work of the Legatus, he or she is given access to his own private office in the Senate building, a seat on the Senate, and a small portion of taxes gathered from the State (to be discussed how large the portion will be), and finally allowed use of military buildings, such as barracks, crafting stations and dinosaur storage. The Legatus has the right to vote (in elections and on the Senate), own property, use public dinosaurs. (Paid With Taxes)

---------------------------------------- THE REPRESENTATIVES --------------------------------------
- GOVERNOR - The official representative of the State on servers outside of our Capital, Governors take the in-game rank of tribe-leader. If there is no one of the State able to vote on that server, then the Governor is simply appointed by the Senate. Their job is to take care of the members of the State on their server and insure they are following the laws handed down by the Senate. They are also in charge of local affairs and allowed to make their own laws, but should anyone under their rule feel slighted they can be removed by the same process as any other official in the State's government (1/4th of the local population asking for an election, then majority vote wins). (Does Not Pay Taxes)

- SPEAKER - An ambassador to the rest of Ark from the Senate, but more importantly, our voice in matters concerning friend and foes alike. A temporary position appointed to anyone the Senate elects to the rank, being a Speaker is considered an honor for it shows the trust of the Senate and the people to speak on their behalf. As a Speaker, one is tasked to take on negotiations, talk truce to our enemies, and trade deals with our friends. Speakers must maintain the image of maturity, calmness, patience and intelligence when representing the State, and must keep it's best interest at heart. Relaying information to the Senate about the progress of their assigned negotiations, Speakers' final decision at negotiations is weighed by the Senate and either meets approval or rejection, via their vote. (Does Not Have to Pay Taxes Next Time They Are Due)

- SENATOR - The elected rulers of the State, Senators are given the great responsibility by the people to help guide the State to greatness and prosperity. The Senate is only ever composed of 8 Senators, each of which is elected by popular vote, by the people. As for the responsibilities of the Senate, they are charged with deciding what to do with the taxes collected, by the State and what form those taxes take. They can charge the taxpayers, anything from stone to thatch to crystal. The tax is changed on a per vote basis, whenever the Senate decides it needs to change it. All decisions of the Senate must be won by majority, with the event of a tie being settle by fist fight in the Senate Room - with the team left standing being the winner. These taxes are used to both pay for and construct public buildings, pay public officials, finance our military and provide for the people of the State. Above that they are the law makers of the State; voting on new and old laws to change, implement or abolish. A Senator has the right to vote (in both elections and in the Senate), own property, use public dinosaurs and command the military through the Legatus (only by Senatorial vote), and they are also payed in a portion of taxes (to be discussed what size that portion is). Lastly, the ***le of Tribe Leader is given, to one Senator and shifted every 7 days to the next in line. The Tribe Leader is tasked with implementing any changes to the Tribal Governance menu. (Paid With Taxes)

- AUGUSTUS - The technical owner of the tribe, only a Senator may hold this position. Being the Augustus is difficult, for one must implement the will of the Senate, while also trying to remain impartial as possible. You are given the rank of tribe leader to change governance, and how our alliances work, but you vote last in all matters on the Senate and have no extra power than that. You are a necessity due to User Interface. The rank of Augustus must be transferred by the end of every 7 days to the next in line on the Senate. The Legatus may not take the role of Augustus. The first Augustus will be determined at random from the elected Senate then transferred in sequence of alphabetical order. (Paid With Taxes)

- EMPEROR - A temporary position, and only called for in the most dire of circumstances for the State, the Emperor Elect is given full and complete control over the State and all its resources and people. The position can only be held for a maximum of three days after the conclusion of the election. The election is made by the Senate, who must come to a decision of no less than 7 votes in favor of the Emperor Elect. Once in power, the Emperor Elect has full say over what course the State will take in any given matter. All members of the State must obey his, or her commands or suffer immediate banishment. In the case that an Emperor Elect tries to cause harm to the State, or takes the State in a direction that is destructive towards itself, the Senate has the right to recall the vote. However if this is done, those Senators who cast the recall, are never allowed to take public office again. This is to discourage, the use of this rank, as if it where ever abused, the State could be destroyed from within. (Does Not Pay Taxes For the Next Three Times They Are Due)

Well that's everything I got folks. I've thought long and hard about this, and truly wish to see if come to fruition, but I need your help to do so. I have many people already subscribed to the idea, (putting this here to help center our notes on what's what), but we are always looking for more people. When we hit 100 members we shall gather together to start construction of the Capital. Let me know what you think below, but remember, this community, the State is supposed to bring together mature, polite and fun loving people. So please troll elsewhere. I am open to constructive criticism on how to make this work. Thank you for enduring the wall of text ;)
Head over to official server 53 or add me on steam " ReaPeR " to join

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