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Article on conduct of NZ rugby players and fans

Bruce_ma gooshvili

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Jun 22, 2016
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I stumbled across this article while looking for any news on US pro rugby; which probably says a lot about my internet skills! I thought it was a calm, measured and interesting read. Parallels with elite US sport where athletes are raised in a bubble thinking rules don't apply to them and they can treat others like dirt. I find a real disconnect though as NZ rugby players in general seem to conduct themselves in a mature and professional manner on the field. Is her comment fair that the media don't take allegations like this seriously? Are there repurcussions for the Chiefs in light of their alleged behaviour?

The claims that the articles allude to is in the link below. Will be interesting to see if anything comes of it.


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Hah, well that's that answered then. Colour me unsurprised. Presumably a pay off. I think it'd be different in the UK. The media love laying into sports stars with wandering hands and assume guilt before anything goes to court. In the above example is guess the Uk media would pay the person making the complaint more than the Chiefs could in order to keep the story alive.
^^^ My personal opinion is it was an overinflated load of crap. Much like the Scotland team knocking off a bunch of bunnies story.

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