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As if the All Blacks need to get faster and bigger?!?



Graham Henry sent an early warning to New Zealand’s World Cup rivals over the rising power of the bulging All Blacks.

Stopping them from recapturing the long-lost trophy in France later this year will be an even taller order than it appeared a few months ago.

Two months of pumping iron five days a week, with weekends off, will make the All Blacks more formidable than they were last year, according to their head coach.

Henry, who has withdrawn his 22 top players from the first seven rounds of the Super 14 series for specialised World Cup training, predicts some spectacular results.

"The guys will be able to run faster and for longer than before," he said.

"The idea is that we will have bigger, faster, stronger athletes. We are trying to produce explosive athletes.

"A lot of the guys are producing personal bests in terms of the weights they are lifting. We will try to do all the things we’ve already been doing, but we will be doing them with bigger and faster players."

The All Blacks claim that wings Joe Rokocoko and Sitiveni Sivivatu have built more power into their turbochargers and that others have added up to eight kilograms of extra muscle.

"The players are much more mentally stimulated and able to lead normal lives with weekends off," added Henry. "This is a blessing in disguise and I think there will be some remarkable results at the end of this period."


f**king hell Henry give the rest of us chance
Well, at this rate I'll be cheering the AB's instead of England if the RFU keep being c***s, so Go Graham Henry!

Seriously though, how much bigger and faster can the AB's really get?
It changes the whole game really, doesn't it?
I mean they're not being treated like rugby players any more.
They're like some sort of experiment.

All i can say is, god knows what backlash the AB's and Graham Henry will face if they don't win the world cup.
After their previous performances (esp. since '05) nothing leads me to believe that they won't win it either.
They do look like they are peaking at just the right moment this time round. Scary stuff for the rest of us.
could be a bit of a publicity stunt to get the rest of the world a bit of worry

but theres probably an element of truth in that, still an extra 8kgs on guys who are already mass monsters is not gonna make pretty sitting, imagine a team of lomu's

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