Asian 5 Nations 2010 Division 4

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    The 2010 Asian Five Nations, known as the 2010 HSBC Asian 5 Nations due to its sponsorship by HSBC, is the third series of the Asian Five Nations, the flagship competition devised by the International Rugby Board ( IRB ) to develop rugby union in Asia. The first competition was held in 2008 and featured Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and Arabian Gulf.

    In order to develop rugby in Asia all 28 Asian member unions are now participating in this tournament, but to minimize the gaps between the teams unions were divided into 4 divisions, this year Jordan Rugby has participated in this tournament for the first time, therefore Jordan Rugby was placed in division 4 to compete with Uzbekistan, Mongolia, and Kyrgyzstan on Asian 5 Nations champions Trophy.

    In the semi-final game Jordan played vs Mongolia, Jordan won 29 - 21
    In the Final game Jordan won 28 - 3 vs Uzbekistan & Jordan is A5N 2010 Div 4 Champions.

    Check Jordan Rugby website for detailed info.
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