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ASM Clermont Auvergne Franchise



Hello, welcome to my franchise, which will be based on Clermont, who was picked by TheRugbyForum users.
I will possibly accept bids to higher up teams in World League if offered, so this may not always be based on Clermont.

Starting XV

1. Prop-Laurent Emmanuelli-France
2. Hooker-Mario Ledesma-Argentina
3. Prop-Martin Scelzo-Argentine
4. Second Row-Barrio-France
5. Second Row-Thibault Privat-France
6. Flanker #8-Julien Bonnaire-France
7. Flanker #8-Sam Broomhill-New Zealand
8. #8-Longo-Argentina
9. Scrumhalf-Pierre Mignoni-France
10. Fly Half-Stephen Jones-Wales (Yeah, I know he's retired, but he's in the game)
11. Wing-Vilimoni Delasu-Fiji
12. Centre-Marty-France
13. Centre-Gonzalo Canale-Italy
14. Wing-Aurelin Rougerie-France CAPTAIN
15. Fullback-Anthony Floch-France


Week 1-Treviso
Week 2-Chiefs
Week 3-@ Worcester
Week 4- @ Bristol
Week 5-Cardiff
Week 6-@ Reds
Week 7-@ Edinburgh
Week 8-Brescia
Week 9-@ Lions
Week 10-Ulster
Week 11-@ Glasgow


There are no standings yet.

I will update the standings every week.
My first game will be up soon. I'm having a problem where I can't make seperate posts. Ugh.
Week 1: vs Treviso

My Prediction: In a game like this, I expect to get a win. Treviso is pretty awful, so I think I should win. I'm predicting a 20-10 win.
In the first game of the
year, the supporters came out crazy, looking for a big win despite the cold and rainy conditions. Treviso did seem to have quite a lot of flags out there though.

1st Half

Treviso- Try scored by S.Lagg (Conversion Good)-02:26
Treviso- Penelty scored by M.Gucci- 27:23
Treviso- Try scored by Wallace

Halftime Score:

Treviso 17
Clermont 0

Wow, the first half sure didn't go too well. I thought this would be an easy win.

2nd Half
Clermont-Try scored by Vilimoni Delasu (Conversion Missed) 48:00
Treviso- Try scored by A. Grotto (Conversion Good) 76:26

Final Score

Treviso 24
Clermont 5

Wow, I did awful. I'm not sure what went wrong, but our kicker was AWFUL. His accuracy zone was little more than 2 centimeters long. I will definately try to get a better kicker later.
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Treviso is pretty awful, huh? Then why did you lose such an easy game? :p

I know, right? I can't believe it! And at home too! [/b][/quote]

Let me tell you why you lost: you believed you were gonna win. Never do that, never underestimate the opponent ;)
I must admit in this game, Treviso seem to have big spells against bigger teams.

There are times where things happen that are out of your control, like your player dives on the ball in the tryzone and you give away a 5m scrum. They then score with some amazing luck.
so i am guessing you arnt playing with any of the crap default players given to you at the start of a world league?

can you take screenshots? or are you not sure how to?
Man, Treviso thumped your team. Shouldn't Brock James be in that team instead of Stephen Jones? Still, maybe strengthen the backrow and get a better kicker.
with the clermont team you get 2 great wingers, but little else. Ignore Heffler, accept that you will miss most/all conversions and put Chupin at Fly-half. Then put Smith in at inside centre, so you have a player who gets turned over less. Nawali can go at outside centre so you have more fast scorers.

With goal kickers, i used Damm at full back. a poor kicker, but if you aim at the lowest possible trajectory, you will get closer.

once the transfer window opens, get a new front row, which cost virtually nothing, so look for players with usefull skills like tackle breaker or ball winner. get 1 good lineout jumper, and play them at 5. that way you can use the front jumper to win most of your own ball and nick some opposition ball too. also get some centres with high strenght or crash ball skill to reduce the turnover rate.

A great way of scoring tries with a fast winger is doing a shortish diagonal kick to the blindside from your scrum half, which Delasau or Rougerie are great at collecting for a 1 on 1 with the full back.

Hope that will help you a little.

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