Assassin's Creed -Xbox 360-

Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by Melkman, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Melkman

    Melkman Guest

    The game was pretty fun. Though some of the drawbacks were not being able to swim... not that there is alot of water but you would expect that a character who can defy gravity can swim. The game also gets repetitive after a while. They did a good job with the games fighting system though. Overall it is a good game that brings in something new. :)
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  3. Zonerunner

    Zonerunner Guest

    I picked up the limited edition purely for the resin figure. A beautiful piece of craftmanship.

    The game? Err, i'll let you know as soon as i've actually started playing it...
  4. Melkman

    Melkman Guest

    Hah, enjoy. :bana:
  5. TVH11

    TVH11 Guest

    great game, highly enjoyable, but man the story line is giving me a headache!!! :L:L
  6. way too repetitive
    so repetitive that i actually dont want to finish it to be honest hahah
  7. Goth Power

    Goth Power Guest

    I've thought about getting it to be honest, but not sure as to whether it's any good or not. I don't often buy games without a decent online multiplayer experience either.
  8. Zonerunner

    Zonerunner Guest

    OK, i've played through it, and all in all, I don't know why I was so apprehensive about starting on it. It really is a very good game. Apart from one area towards the end that was really beginning to grate my nerves, I enjoyed my time soaking in the atmosphere. But then maybe the things I liked are the things other people hate? I had no objections to the side missions and the combat system had a counter system I was actually fairly good at for once (and once I learned you could use your hidden blade for counters, well, things got very fun...).

    All in all, this evil genius gives it a solid thumbs up.

    Oh, and the resin figure we get in our Collector's Edition is bigger than the one that comes in the US release (10 inch as opposed to just 3). Food for thought.
  9. 187

    187 Guest

    yeah i loved this game, it does get repetitive but i just couldn't get enough of it anyway. i'm looking forward to the next one in the trilogy, i wonder what time it'll be set in this time.
  10. chochome

    chochome Guest

    This game is awesome ! Graphism are beautiful and we can really do what we want ! I love it !
  11. Blacknoise

    Blacknoise Guest

    Is there a PC version coming out for this or is it X360 only????
  12. Zonerunner

    Zonerunner Guest

    There will be a PC version, it will be called Assassin's Creed; Director's Cut Edition, it will contain four new types of investigation side-missions to help improve variety and it will be out on 28th March.

    And sales of the X360 and PS3 versions now total over 5 million. Odds of sequel: high.
  13. _ALLE88_

    _ALLE88_ Guest

    the game have a bad final....
  14. I really must get hold of this when it comes down in price. It was a toss up between this and The Orange Box at the time.
  15. assassins creed was pretty good when i first got it on recomendation from a friend, but then after a while the fighting got tedious and annoying, pretty fun initially thou. will be getting the sequel if it comes out, especially if its set in the present.
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