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Astle set to retire?



Press conference due this afternoon (perth time i guess) with astle to announce a retirement.

He has had a huge slump of form, really deserved to be dropped and i am sure if he did he would have wanted to get back into the team. But they didnt look like dropping him at all and now it looks like it has forced his retirement.

and only 2 months out from the world cup. Who are we going to have to open since mccullum failed miserably. we have H marshall but i dont like him opening, but J Marshal got a 50 last time so he might be brought over to cover for him.

either that you could put mccullum in opening if you have styris/oram and maybe hamish marshall down the order to cover for that.

what are your thoughts? are you going to miss watching astle play? the only thing i am not going to miss is his stupid cut shots so close to him that he plays on or gets a nick or something.

other than that i am going to miss him play test cricket.
He may have been in a form slump, but it's going to be wierd without seeing him playing anymore. It sort of drives home to me now how long ago it was when Canterbury just dominated cricket :(
Bugger, what a blow for NZ!!! Poor fellas, they're gunna stuggle even more. Oh well the black caps will find a way!
Astle the pastle will be a huge loss for us :(

But I do believe this is a right time for him to go, I mean if his heart isnt in it..and if hes not having fun, whats the point in going to another World Cup.

I admire Astle soooo much for everything he has done in cricket, whether it be State (heres hoping he still plays), test's or ODI's.

I still think he's gunna walk out with Fleming and open the batting lol :( .. and when he doesnt play..its just going to seem like hes injured..and that he'll be back..but he wont :(

I'm glad I got to meet him in Queenstown and get his autograph :) he was so nice, was one of the most talkative players, along with Ross Taylor.
a massive blow and a bit unexcepted as I think many thought he would see it out till the world cup. but I guess he goes on his terms and before the world cup so that the team has time to find someone to open with flem. mcCullum was tried and had very mixed success and now vincent has come back in and might be the answer. who knows. astle is though without doubt one of the greatest to ever play for nz
the greatest to ever play for new zealand?

you obvisouly didnt see one Martin Crowe play for new zealand?

he WAS the best player New Zealand has ever seen!
He didn't say Astle WAS the greatest, he said Astle was ONE of the greatest. :)