Au Revoir 2009 International Rugby!

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by Rugby News, Dec 4, 2009.

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    Sep 25, 2006
    You can passionately kiss International Rugby goodbye.Â* Well, at least for 2009.Â* Nigel Owens has sent his IRB refs kit to the dry cleaners and is probably relaxing at home, enjoying a good book, and listening to WHAM!'s greatest hits.Â* The IRB has posted it's rankings and given out it's trophies and now we're all just basking in the afterglow...unless your Irish.Â* If you happen to be from the Emerald Isle your probably just ****** off.Â* First some Frenchman handballs in football and steals the chance to play in the World Cup, and then those evil monkeys at the IRB hand out the player of the year award to some Kiwi we've never heard of before!Â* Nevertheless, it's been a good year.Â*

    How did your nation finish this year?Â* Don't know?Â* Well, I'm glad to fill you in:

    1. New Zealand, 2. South Africa, 3. Australia, 4. Ireland, 5. France, 6. England, 7. Argentina, 8. Wales, 9. Scotland, 10. Fiji, 11. Italy, 12. Somoa, 13. Japan, 14. Canada,Â* 15. Tonga, 16. USA, 17. Georgia, 18. Russia, 19. Romania, 20. Uruguay

    The World Champions only fall one place as they have their asses handed to them on a lackluster tour of the North, while New Zealand claim their position at number 1 by decisively finishing off their end of the year tour victoriously.Â* Ireland climb to the top of the home nations as they go unbeaten in 2009, having what is probably their best ever International year.Â* Australia have definitely fixed their scrum problems of old and show a lot of promise with Robbie Deans' young players.Â* England have new purple-ish kit and are pretty much in the same situation as always.

    The IRB can also applaud itself for getting Rugby 7's into the Olympics.Â* Maybe we'll see more rugby development in 2010.Â* As we close the book on 2009 we've had controversy, we've had elation, we've had fights, we've had excitement, we've had a brilliant year of International Rugby.Â* We had one of the hardest fought British and Irish Lions Tours, and hats off to the Springboks for their victory. Â*

    While Brian O'Driscoll didn't win the IRB Player of the Year, and is eclipsed by the shadow that is Richie "Hands in the Ruck" McCaw (you know I love you), I think his words ring out imortal and I leave you with this pearl of wisdom:


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