Australia Vs. Uruguay

Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by scot, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. scot

    scot Guest

    Australia will concede, that's almost certain. What they need to do is look to score in Montevideo and I'm quite confident in their ability to do that. Even a two goal loss won't be all that bad if they score.

    Uruguay are very capable of scoring (as should be the case when you're fielding four out-and-out forwards), but they're not the defensive colussus they were four years ago. Far from it. Their lightweight and ordinary central midfield is one area in which the Soceroos could take BIG advantage (especially on the counter-attack), considering they have so many good attacking midfielders.

    This is going to be one hell of a tussle. I'm particularly looking forward to Viduka v Montero, now that Dukes won't be so isloated and ineffective like last time.

    Oh, and as dangerous as Recoba can be, he can also be very selfish and I have doubts regarding his match fitness and sharpness.

    Guus Hiddink makes a big thing about controlling and taking the game to the opposition. The very tough circumstances in the away leg will test how faithful he is to that style of play, but encouragingly he adopted it in one of the most difficult circumstances in club football - away to AC Milan in the CL semi-finals last season (and it worked wonderfully well, apart from the finishing).

    I'd be much more downbeat if they were playing the deciding second leg not at home but in Montevideo, like last time.
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  3. scot

    scot Guest

    The Uruquayan Football Federation have moved their home game forward by two hours so the Soceroos miss their flight back to Sydney - giving the team barely 48 hours to prepare for the return leg.
  4. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    oh f**** me f**** me and f**** them

    f*** you all you south american uragayian pricks

    Hope you all die from leprosy and what other elements stem from ur shitty region

    You have what comes to ya

    A shithouse country, run by shitheads, and accomodated, and lived by shitheads!!!

    Now if the aussies had any brains, or if our Govt, had some sense, they'd donate a qantas jet full of staff, or whatever

    I have never felt so unfairly jipped as a fan
    f*** me i wanna bring some eggs to the game now..........screw these sky blue fairy f***s........cocaine sniffing leprosy infested aztecs.

    Lets import some bird flu!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. BigTen

    BigTen Guest

    I didn't realise that Australia had bird-flu to import.

    ...And anyway maybe Australia should stop living in their huddled protected little world and begin to learn that for South American countries to not fail for the world cup is a national disaster and would plunge the country into recession both mentally and economically. Therefore they will do whatever it takes to milk any advantage that they can.

    They would laugh when they heard that Australia was hosting the second leg in Sydney - Australia's easist city to travel to and with a climate very similar to Uruguay. I laugh and say that they should have played in Hobart and prayed for cold weather.

    But at the end of the day Australia are going to find it real tough to get a result in South America. But they do have the ability to test Uruguay and bushwack them back in Sydney.
  6. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    I don't understand.

    If the Aussies are missing flights back home to prepare for the second leg then aren't the Uruaguay team also help up? They both play and travel to the same destination.

    Haha........reminds me of the All Whites battling soccer, opponents and Fifa in '82!
  7. BigTen

    BigTen Guest

    Yeah the Aussies are just whinging because they think they have a god-given right to be at the world cup. They do have it tough to qualify but if they are good enough then they will qualify regardless of what Uruguay do or don't do.
  8. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    For those ******** will give them anything.........ROO FLU, try that, they reckon the rats carried the bubonic plague...........well how bout australias giant rats!!!!

    Soccer australia or even the govt, should make some decisions to holt, their preparation during their travel

    Throw diplomacy out the window for a week

    Send 50,000 drunk NSL fans out to the airport
    Introduce strip searches for all passengers on their particular flight, and say its a security check for terror, empty out all bags etc etc, before u go thru customs
    At their hotel - Suspend all power to the lifts - give them the top floor penthouse and make them take the stairs all week
    Food - they can bring their own, or they will be sick

    I mean screw this

    We are a happy go lucky country, but for these ********, we should treat them like our refugees (dare i say it).......I dont condone our refugee policy, but for these guys they fit right in.
    Tit for tat - u 3rd world rejects, with nothing but a sport to rejoice!

    I have holidays during this period, so dont rule out an ak47 appearance, giving them what they gave us in 2001!!!!!!
  9. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    It's also down to the fact that the Aussies refused to put the game back a day at Uruguay's request because of the travelling efforts involved. Tit for tat I'm afraid.
  10. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    No one has answered my question yet..........I still am very confused.

    "If the Aussies are missing flights back home to prepare for the second leg then aren't the Uruaguay team also held up? They both play and travel to the same destination."

    Wher is the advantage or the disadvantage?
  11. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    mate u win a game of soccer in the 90 mins on the field

    call us whinging but screwing around like the uraguayians are is taking more of the 90 minutes ur already given

    They are the ones running scared, coz they have already made a move outside the 90mins

    We are the ones blowing up coz its just isnt right, in the meaning of sport!

    I wont mention the AB's main meal they had in south africa when it counted...I'd be treading on familiar ground to this topic wouldnt I [​IMG]
  12. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    who made the original dates and times and venues and whom agreed.

    I am 110% sure that the socceroos didnt have the final say in the dates and times of the 1st leg - FIFA would have

    then when Uraguay - after they have already agreed to the FIFA timetable - want it changed and we say know, its tit for tat, with this

  13. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    They wouldn't necessarily be getting the same flights, but how popular and regular flights between montevideo and sydney/melbourne or whereever means missing one flight could probably mean an extra day in Uruguay.

    It's not disrupting the Uruguay team's travelling schedule but it is for the Aussies, there's their advantage.
  14. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    GG - always thinking outside the box

    I dont think its the time coming back that sucks

    Its the whole process of flying into montevideo, from argentina, and now everything has changed by 2 hours meaning, it all has to be re-prepaired, in whcih I am sure the uraguyian (<<<<this sux to spell) Govt, is making new measure to make the transition from hotel to field alot more jam packed with random elements within the uruaguyian borders [​IMG]

    like insert balaclava here
    insert paint bomb here
    insert road block here
    insert fake suicide bomber at this intersection
    insert begging lepors at this bus stop
    insert osam bin laden, in aussie dressing room

    anything they can do to disrupt, our niave approach to the world game
  15. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest


    Man you guys have your work cut out for you there............

    Uruguay.........gee ...............was it Uruguay or Paraguay that won the first World cup? Man you really are now in the big league!

  16. Well this is a cheap shot tactic.

    When is the game?
  17. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    12 and 16 November.
  18. The Roos will get pwned again but they're improving year by year.
  19. scot

    scot Guest

    Even if the Roos don't qualify, we won't have to put up with that empty feeling for the next four years. The Australians move into the Asian Federation from January 1, 2006. That means more regular games against good opposition at both club and international level - as well as a different World Cup qualifying method. It's in God's hands now.

    P.S. FFA have arranged for the Socceroos their own chartered flight now.
  20. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    hahahaha [​IMG] [​IMG]

    sucked in Uraguay.............KARMA POLICE..........I hate to say it...actually I love it..........but you had it coming.

    In a democracy, we will always have avenues to make thing your world, well, your exposed how much $$ is available

    Read the article people............what they tried on us, has now backfired on them, and I hope the FFA dont budge, coz they tried the draw blood first

    Switch veto
    November 07, 2005
    AUSTRALIA were last night tightening the psychological thumbscrews on Uruguay, with the Football Federation poised to reject the South Americans' desperate plea to bring next weekend's first playoff forward by four hours.
    The original scheduling of the kickoff for 9pm local time, forcing Australia to charter a Qantas jet to get the players back after the game, has blown up in Uruguay's faces after their own pre-booked charter fell through.
    Australia will fly out of Montevideo shortly after the game and arrive back in Sydney early on Monday, mirroring Uruguay's original charter plans.
    But now, unless the FFA changes its mind or another charter jet becomes available, the South Americans will have to take the first available commercial flight.
    That is not until the day after the game, flying via Santiago, and will land in Sydney about 7am local time on the Tuesday – just 36 hours before the second playoff.
    Last night, as the Socceroos began to assemble in Buenos Aires for five days of preparation and tension levels mounted, sources within the camp said it was almost certain Australia would decline the request.
    Uruguay contacted FIFA on Saturday to ask for the switch, a plea that was immediately forwarded to the FFA.
    While no formal decision had last night been confirmed, Australian sources said the preceding episodes of diplomatic jousting meant Australia saw no need to help Uruguay out.
    From the outset relations have been strained. Uruguay first delayed a decision on the original kickoff time then plumped for 9pm, while Australia refused a request to move the first game forward a day, and FFA chief executive John O'Neill publicly warned Uruguay not to attempt any dirty tricks.
    Uruguay were also unhappy with FIFA's choice of European referees and the absence of any Spanish-speaking officials.
    On Saturday it was confirmed by FIFA the Belgian officials scheduled to control the second game in Sydney had been switched to another playoff.
    They have been replaced in Sydney by a Spanish trio headed by Luis Medina Cantalejo. The 31-year-old is no stranger to controversy – he was the referee who last month sent off David Beckham during the England versus Austria group qualifier.
    The fervent atmosphere surrounding the game next weekend was further emphasised when the Australian government warned any of this country's citizens in Montevideo to keep a very low profile.
    In an updated travel advisory note, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said: "Australians travelling to Uruguay for the World Cup qualifier on November 13 are advised to be alert to their own security and avoid any disturbances or offensive behaviour, particularly in or near the stadium on match day."
    After the first game between the teams in 2001, which Australia had won 1-0 in Melbourne, fans in Uruguay rampaged through the streets, burning cars and wrecking shops.
    After the Socceroos' well-documented abusive reception at Montevideo airport, they lost the second leg 3-0 – sending Uruguay to the World Cup and, four years on, providing the tumultous backdrop to this month's repeat.

    Woot Woot [​IMG]
  21. scot

    scot Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    I love it [​IMG]

    The luxury of having Qantas as a sponsor!
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