Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by jackalp, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. jackalp

    jackalp Guest

    what do people think their chances are at the next WC? i think they did amazingly well against Italy in the QF last year, to defend for 80 minutes against the eventual cup winners is a great achievement. could it be possible for AUS to scrape in to a semi next time around or is that just wishful thinking? :p
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  3. melon

    melon Guest

    You seem to be under the assumption that the RWC is played every year and you're asking about Australias chances at the next RWC!!!!
  4. Eternal Idol

    Eternal Idol Guest

    Australia lost against Italy in the round of 16, not in QF. I can't really see them in the semi-finals at least for the next 3/4 WC.

    By the way this is the football forum Rugby`s_a_Religion.
  5. melon

    melon Guest

    **** f*** c***!!! IM AN IDIOT!
  6. Brodizzle

    Brodizzle Guest

    I am a little iffy on this, I mean, they went from playing really **** with thier marquee players in the Asian cup to putting a pretty good performance against Argentina with thier B team....I have lost the blind faith I had in them that I had during the world cup and view them with pessimissm (although I do that all the teams I go for)

    Who knows, bring in a good coach and tell the players to step up and we'll be right....
  7. John4889

    John4889 Guest

    I think they can realize a great tournament in 2010. But with the same spirit...
  8. boydy

    boydy Guest

    I can't see them improving too much for the next world cup, they will have lost a few key players by then.
  9. buzzlima8691

    buzzlima8691 Guest

    it really all depends on how their junior players come along.

    the a-leaguers in the australian outfit have played well when they have been called up, but they need to unearth some 'real' superstar players as they will lose plenty before 2010.
  10. nikolass

    nikolass Guest

    I couple of weeks ago argentina and australia played, the match was boring. Argentina is playing the worst football in long time.
  11. Eternam

    Eternam Guest

    That was an insignificant game. When things get serious wi will show our true strength. Lets just hope Messi shows all his potential.
  12. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    Sir Clive Woodward.

  13. Sir Clive Woodward.



    This is a football forum you numpty. :angry:

    Bring back guus hiddink.....but that wont happen i heard that dick advocaat was going to coach us through to the 2010 world cup dunno what came of that. <_< Hopefully we get a coach that moves us forward not some guy trying to top up his super. :angry:

    I will never ever forget the WC 06. :wub:

    I should post up some videos of the Australia vs Japan match. :ph34r:

  14. Brodizzle

    Brodizzle Guest

    Sir Clive Woodward.


    This is a football forum you numpty. :angry:
    Wasn't he associated with some football team after the 2003 World Cup?
  15. How far Australia goes, will be layed on the future players. They're currently in some shocking form.
  16. Malherbe

    Malherbe Guest

    it's a shame that there are too many old players (viduka especially)... I hope they'll qualify...
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