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Australian PM reacts to Robin Williams 'redneck' jibe

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Feb 16, 2005
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Few are laughing in Australia following Robin Williams' joke that its people are "basically English rednecks".

His remarks, made on The Late Show with David Letterman, prompted Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to respond on a Sydney radio show.

"I think Robin Williams should go and spend a little time in Alabama before he frames comments about people being particularly redneck," said Mr Rudd.

Williams went on to joke Mr Rudd had heckled him during a recent concert.

"You go into a club and get heckled in Australia, it's kind of mandatory - 'get on with it'!

"And that was just the prime minister."

'Unusual country'

Williams, 58, said Australia was an "unusual country", adding: "If [Charles] Darwin had landed in Australia, he'd have gone, 'I'm wrong - I don't know what I was thinking'."

Commentators have since pointed out that the famous naturalist spent two months in Australia in 1836.

Williams, recently seen in critically-slated comedy Old Dogs, went on to joke about Australian rules football, which he likened to "rugby with a thong".

The Oscar-winning actor, who performed in Australia last year as part of an international tour, underwent heart surgery last March to replace an aortic valve.


I wonder if Dale has an opinion on this...
Sense of humour bypass there.

But then he is an Auss.....I mean politician
I love it when people have a go at comedians for being "wrong" like the intention of their show isn't for comedy but education.

I also love how the PM responds to being called a redneck by insulting somewhere else. Great international relations work there.
I wanted to post a picture of the Prime Minister from that episode of the Simpsons, but can't find it :(

Either way, it's a joke! He needs to lighten up a tad

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