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You see, under the old wars, the would have just taken the penalty and looked to have Mick Dundee go aboard and commandeer the vessel for themselves. Predictable, but safe.

Now, under the EWVs (those are "Experimental War Variations" kids!), they can use these exciting new torpedoes to blow the opposition to kingdom come! While the main focus may be back in the safe part of play for the longer period of time, those fast charges upfield (thanks to the superior fitness required for EWVs) are bound to literally rip through the defenses armor!

The main benefit of the EWVs though is the increased safety for the grunts of war. With less physical contact, there is less chance of neck or back injuries. However, now that the final mauling of the enemy can be brought down with a tactical strike to the front ranks, the risk is a risk in itself.

Experimental War Variations, making the wars more entertaining for you!


A pity the 'high-end diesel' Collins class subs that we bought are about as quiet as a menstruating water buffalo.

One of my mates is a navy clearance diver, probably already creamed his pants over this.
Mate beliveit or not these p.o.s. actuyally go allright in the wargames, they hold their own pretty good, especially against the yank subs, al that noise problems that they had in the beginning were resolved. I have some mates who serve on a few of them (actually we only have a few of them) ad they have told me how well they go against other nations, not a bad bit of kit overall.
Yeah I heard but unfortunately they're that typical piece of military hardware that, while being extremely sophisticated, suffers from manufacturing defects etc.

Apparently, having absolutely no keel, in a heavy swell the conning tower nearly dips into the water, so the watch crew are always attached with safety lines. Also, apparently they've tried to give it such a silent-running capacity that the electric engine room has the ability to fry you if you walk in it with any metal attachment, and has an average temperature of 50 degrees.

I wish the government would try and develop more hardware here at home rather than buying a few high-end pieces from overseas. We do it for bread and butter stuff, Steyr Aug is manufactured in Canberra along with our armoured reccy vehicles but too much is still bought from overseas. End result is that local industries are starved and inexperienced, to the extent that they cannot even update the avionics of a sea-king.

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