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Backbreaker demo online

The alternate to madden people are looking for??

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Apr 30, 2007
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As some of you may know, Madden has some "competition" this year in a form of a new unlicensed american football game. Some may have seen the vids, and this game does look and move beautifully. The demo has gone up on marketplace, to my knowledge before PSN, so i guess its only 360 owners that have the privilege of playing this first.

First impressions

+ extremely pretty
+Animations are amazing (the euphoria engine is amazing)
+offence is extremely rewarding (once you get the grasp of controls and gameplay)
+Tackle alley is buckets of fun

The game is difficult to pick up if your used to Madden due to

-Camera angle being very low - ala superstar mode madden
-Very responsive, slight flick of stick will put players off course
-Defense (so far) is very hard to play (the way to change defender (some will argue) is flawed.

The demo is up on marketplace now, i'd highly recommend it to gamers that want to experience something different to madden. Those that religiously play madden, i presume aren't going to like this (it will have the same FIFA v PES rivalry)

Personally i can't wait to get my hands on the full version in June, definitely going to keep me entertained until rugby 2012

enjoy :D
Might give it a download after playing some more R.D.R, as i love the euphoria engine, and think it'll be quality in a sports game,
However i'm not much of an American Football fan, so i'll probably just tackle of a couple of times and delete
I have been impressed from what i've seen on videos though, especially the create a team stuff. Very nice
I was about to complain about everything (well, passing) being done with the r-stick, but then my carer found there were alternate controls when you start a match. I shan't get a chance to play it myself until Monday, though.
I tried using the "alternate controls" and they didn't feel right for the Backbreaker experience (IMO). all personal preference tho... played it a few times now with standard controls and it really is quite good. I really love it. can't wait to play full version :D D woop woop
Got to go on it today, but the alternate controls still used the r-stick for kicking. I don't like American football enough to play the "drier" Madden games, Backbreaker just had enough small features to interest me.

I'd never heard of 505 Games or Natural Motion before BB, so I can't imagine they had a huge budget, perhaps HB have licensed the Euphoria engine? ;) (Edit - Or not, as it looks like NM made it.)
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I got the full game yesterday and have to say that despite its shortcomings, it is alot of fun. Plenty of wow moments. I had a match online and that was awsome fun. A bit of lag, but still loved it.

Tackles alley is very addictive.

I downloaded some NFL teams and logos (ps3, via pc usb) that people created and they look stunning.
havnt had a look at this yet, might do. might just put it on the list of things of wish i had.

Are there tackle breaks? or just the little bumps of miss tackles that i have seen in videos.
yes it would be good for HB to have this in their rugby game but i dont ever see that happening. Even in FIFA that would be awesome, wishful thinking eh.
Yes, there are broken tackles. You can fend and shoulder charge which often result in you absorbing the initial imact then pushing or running the defender off. Sometimes they just hit you and you bust out. Also, getting hit mid spin or step can produce some huge hits aswell as some very cool broken tackles.
I'm still waiting for the PS3 demo to try it out before I buy. I'm keen as to get it though.
Still waiting for ps3 demo (although luckily played 360 version). I've pre ordered it, can't wait. Not listening to reviews (which tend to be negative/average - all comparing to madden ). Can't go back to madden atm, after playing Backbreaker demo (with the whole on the fly physics engine) feels weird going back to madden (seems as if theres less control over your players).
Cant wait to download custom teams, which i'm sure in due time EA Sports will try to put a stop to :( :(
I just created the NZ warriors for my road to backbreaker. I created the warriors logo on one side of the helmet and
vodafone on the other. The logo is also and midfield and the endzone. The announcer even says 'first and 10 at the
warriors 40' its cool. Im thinking about doing some more NRL teams.
Yeah, man. I had this kind of empty feeling playing with NFL teams, then I thought hey, I can make the NRL and create a 16
team custom franchise. In the mean time I started road to backbreaker with my warriors.
That's got me really interested in it... I'm not a huge fan of american football, but the customisation available in this is outstanding, and might tempt me into buying it

How do you import custom pictures for logos? Is it USB or transfer online?
You have to create logos from scratch in the logo creator in game. You cant import image. That one took about an hour.
Bloomin' heck!
You've got some serious skills,
Might have to get this when it's a bit cheaper used, looks like a lot of fun (the creation, and the physics based hits)

Actually, thinking about it, i downloaded the demo the other day about a week or more ago, and haven't played it yet! Will have to do that now
I didnt get a chance to play the demo because I got it on ps3. Its a tough game to get the hang of. I still struggle, but I cant put it down. Still havent won a single game with the warriors. I must have created them spot on!
As an NFL fan im not really a fan on the game, controls at times are a bit complicated for what it should. However its going to push Madden in a few years time.
A few years time?!, it's arguably pushing Madden and beating it outright in some key areas.

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