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Backbreaker Vengeance (Xperia Play/Iphone, 360 arcade)


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Apr 30, 2007
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So 505 games and Natural Motion have released the second edition of the tech heavy american football game. This time its in a "watered" down form. No full matches, only the "tackle alley" mini game with the addition of a role reversal where the player is the defender.
Euro gamer review below

Now i need some advise for some of you that have knowledge on mobile games. I've purchased the game on my xperia play, yes i'm a nerdy little bas!!rd and jumped at the chance of having a gaming phone (I've got Jonah Lomu Rugby running perfectly on it ;) ).

Anyways in the beginning the game ran brilliantly, the control layout for the phone worked perfectly with the game and it was great fun. After some 2 weeks of playing, the phone now doesn't recognise the "controls" (only the "touch and tilt). I've emailed natural motion and the android marketplace and after waiting a month, i still have no reply :( :( I've spent money and can't really play the game how its meant to be.

Sorry for blabbing, hopefully some of you have some suggestions on overcoming the problem :D :D Also enjoy the game if you end up purchasing it :D
Bought this for the 360 the other day and must say its good but for the price is a little expensive for limited game modes.
Forgot this was coming out, might have to get it - enjoyed the Tackle Alley on the full game
Don't think 1200pts is too bad, it's about what any other arcade game costs on XBL
Ive actually bought the 360 version earlier. I rather the first games control layout, but overall its a fun little game and seriously addictive. Does seem a little expensive, but i couldnt give a poo!! Its all fun =D

Just need to get my xperia play version working properly now. God damn technology! Best go into a phone shop to see what they say =P

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