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Bad News For Cardiff Blues?

Blues would be crazy to move away from CAP for a second time. It was an absolute disaster last time.

Feels like this is all about Peter Thomas trying to recoup some of the money he's put into the Blues. I'm sure CAC wouldn't be against a redevelopment of the ground, but not when that consists of losing half the land for non sporting use (hotel etc.) when the land was specifically left to the city for sporting use.

I don't think CAC are saints in this either. I feel that they are a little like an old-mens club, not willing to budge over small things like Cardiff in the name; but imo it's important that people stand-up and stop land left to the people being built on for personal gain, and that's coming from an architect working in Cardiff.

What Cardiff Blues need is a new fit-for-purpose stadium on the CAP site, a new head coach with experience, and some investment in their squad; not some indoor events venue, or hotel etc.
I think it was mooted a few years ago, might have been around the time that the Blues ground-shared with Cardiff City FC, that a new purpose built stadium in Cardiff Bay would have been the ideal solution.

I wonder if that could still be on the cards in the future, if this current mess cannot be solved.
I don't see anything but a new stadium on the same ground as CAP as the solution. Why give up such a fantastic location in the heart of the city to move somewhere out of the way?

If they could generate an exciting and winning product on the field, the fans will return, and that would be aided by being located in the heart of the city.

CAC and the CAP ground needs the Blues as well. Without a professional team playing there, there will be zero chance of redevelopment and the ground will fall into further disrepair, which would be a massive shame.

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