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Bath or "The masochists guide to rugby"

I feel like Dimes confirmed it by saying Pepper and Johnson and then clubs Bath and Sarries
He's petty enough to leak something like that in that style
I always thought Bath at the start of this season looked like they needed a top quality lock to complete their pack but didn't realise they had signed jacques du plessis. He looks a handy pick up.

I didn't know if bath would be letting him go with the Pepper rumour but it appears not. They've got a lot of talent in that back row, I'm guessing someone has to go to get Pepper in.
Pepper's replacing Cloete
But yes, we'll be losing a few backrowers this summer.

Tonks, Van Velze and Cloete as good as confirmed, Merigan unlikely to be here, McNally and possibly Roux also off, as locks who can "do a job" in the backrow.

Could easily see this number being embroidered on the inside of the collar, to be seen when putting the jersey on.

I wonder if they're also putting it together for each shirt (adapted to allow for the time the 13 jersey was retired)?
If so, then I'd like to make a suggestion - some teams have text within the numbers - it'd be great if that text was the name of everyone who's worn that shirt before you, a real reminder of the history when pulling it on.
With the supposed limit on senior academy players to 15(?), it's going to be A LOT tougher - and where Bath will have to make severe cuts (it's our academy that's huge, not the senior squad).
There's also Austin Emens coming in from Bath's "University Pathway"
The pick of the junior academy is Connor Treacy (graduating) Steffan Emanuel (returning to Wales) and James Linegar (another year left at U18); no-one else who would challenge the 3 arriving from defunct academies.

This intake of 6 brings our Senior Academy up to 31 (by my reckoning - COML reckons 37) before we know who's been offered senior contracts, or let go.

Of course, it's still disappointing though.
Has there been anything to suggest that limit is happening in the near future?
Outside the one article not heard of it since
I've merely been assured that it's a bit of the new agreement that's not being contested - from online posters who seem to be well informed / connected.
I can't verify the connections or the accuracy of what they then "assure" me.

Of course, it could just be that Hooper wanted a large senior academy, and last year JvG simply had too much on his plate, and hadn't got around to re-organising things the way he wanted; and that he just wants to invest time into a few players he thinks can go all the way, rather than holding on to kids who might one day become back-up squad fodder.
London Irish don't even exist anymore and you're still bleeding them dry!

I kid, I kid, of course - they have to go somewhere as there's no development path anymore
Good to see Bath have a strong link with Bath University, tbh - Chiefs (and a couple of others) have shown what having strong links to a good rugby university can do for your academy
Looks like Bath have finished their business in the market for the year. Expecting a list of confirmed departures ahead of the weekend, to give them a send-off
Depending on exactly who's in that list, as opposed to have another year or two on their existing contracts; it looks like a slight strengthening of the senior squad, and a significant strengthening (but concentrating) of the academy.

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