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Bath Rugby Season Ticket - Got yours yet?



I was just wondering whether any other bath fans have recieved their season tickets yet? because on the Bath rugby website, it said they were sending them out last week. so i would like to know whether or not you have recieved yours yet? :)
Still waiting for mine. As long as it gets here before the start of the new season then I'm not bothered.
Well unfortunately I will not be able to afford one this year again, but I will one day, hopefully head up for a couple more games this season
Well I'm off to Uni (at Bath) so the chance of me affording a season ticket is about the same as finding a soluion to Fermat's last theorem with powers greater than two - nil!

Will endeavour to make all the games I can. The terraces are looking welcoming already. Bring on the new season!

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