BBC America to Broadcast Live 6 Nations Rugby

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    [​IMG]Rugby Fans living in the United States of America should be happy. BBC America has announced that they will be broadcast 5 live RBS 6 Nations Matches starting 06 February 2010.

    It's not like one can't watch Rugby in the US with Setanta Sports being available as a premium channel and having it's own online presence as well as the internet service of Rugby Zone. However, now a standard cable and satellite channel will carry live Rugby into American homes.

    “RBS Six Nations Championship, one of Europe’s biggest annual sporting events, will broadcast live on BBC AMERICA starting Saturday, February 6. The cable channel will broadcast five live matches over the course of the legendary rugby tournament featuring England, Ireland, France, Scotland, Wales and Italy vying for the championship†(BBC America. 21 January 2010.

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