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BBC SPORT -Ireland Cup failure 'collective'

So the expected whitewash comes to pass, my goodness that's about as much of a shock as it was when New Zealand put a century on Portugal.

So who does the blame lie with, well certainly the coach must take the lions share, considering it was his devised gameplan that failed so miserably. Key players also must take the flak for their poor form, notably - Horan, O'Connell, O'Callaghan, Wallace, Leamy, O'Gara and Stringer yet only 1 of those players were dropped throughout the tournament, take another bow EOS. There is a lack of player depth but **** sake when it's obvious to a chimp that players should be dropped they should be feckin dropped.

As for the IRFU they shouldn't cop too much blame apart from giving EOS his contract extension which I don't care how much he protests to the contrary made EOS complacent.

Citing lack of match practice in the buildup is a cop out, key players were injured in the buildup so how could they play in these games. They must think we're gimps if we're expected to swallow this tripe.

That the players' form has improved drastically since the world cup, bar Horgan and Leamy, says it all for me and the IRFU want shooting for not sacking EOS straight away, the Welsh performance in France wasn't half as bad as ours yet Jenkins got the axe straight away. Take not Browne, the 2008 Six Nations is a lost cause but they've missed the boat in terms of recruiting a decent coach in the post world cup period and so we're left with the possibility of further embarassment in 2008 and more mediocrity coming in in the aftermath.

Happy days indeed to be an Irish rugby fan.
I like this line the best:

Other operational recommendations included that a professional to provide on-going psychological support for the team and management should be retained.[/b]

Kind of sums up Ireland's World Cup campaign :lol:
I still cant beleive they were so bad. Would you say they bottled it even more than New Zealand? before the warmup games i would have said that Ireland were the best northern hemisphere team. Their downfall was just incredible, im really looking forward to see how the react in the 6 nations.
I thought Ireland were serious cup contenders prior to the RWC tournament - how wrong could I be?!
I thought Ireland were serious cup contenders prior to the RWC tournament - how wrong could I be?!

It was partly down to the hype, they had beaten a second string South African team and a woeful Australian team. This i suppose gave them a right to be positive and they followed it up with a solid six nations effort but we have seen in the world cup how average their opposition was in that competition. I believed Ireland could possibly get to the semis but never win it, afterall they have been known to bottle it in the past.
To be honest, they had a very iffy Six Nations campaign in retrospect. It showed that without BOD, their center pairing is very shaky and that ROG can only do so much. They were flattered by an England who, after four years, still didn't know what their best XV was and were humbled by a tenatious Scotland who fought them to a standstill. This was however disguised by the hilariously petty Cluedo style games played by EOS.

And I say it was Marcus Horan with the candlestick in the kitchen which got ROG because lets face it, everyone hates him...
It is true what Prestwick says because irish team were not confident for this world cup. But it is hoped that they will gain the six nations 2008.
We didn't exatly redeem ourselvs in the Six Nations either.

Yeah, people might say "But what if we had O' Connell" but that wasn't the issue, I think when people say that their inadvertently highlighting Ireland's lack of depth in the squad. I mean look at Bernard Jackman, surely EOD had to drop him after his abysmal performance against Scotland, but no, he kept him on, and how did Jackman repay him? He gave away and enormous amount of Irish ball against Wales, and worse still, committed a crazy, unnecessary, and just plain stupid charge in the ruck, to hand Wales victory on a plate.

Surely Jerry Flannery should have been drafted in, sure, he also forgot to use his brain against Clermont, but at least he could secure ball, and you can be sure he wouldn't have done what Jackman did against Wales
It wouldn't have made a difference if we had O'Connell, he was cack in the games he played so nothing positive from him and he still thinks he's a centre.
Too true, but I mean a lack of performances around the pitch was the cause really
Phillip Browne's head needs to roll for his part in this whole mess, he's the one who gave Eddie contract extensions twice before a world cup, didn't work the first, certainly didn't work the second time, what's he waiting for third time lucky!
Least we didnt hire Lawyers like a certain Union did to point on the glaring problem

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