BBC SPORT - Lewis quashes British league talk

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Rugby News, Jan 30, 2009.

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    Could this be a case of Lewis testing the waters?

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    If the RFU are on board it sounds as though Lewis may be interested. Last year it was rumoured that the IRFU were speaking to the RFU and Setanta about such a league. Also, could the SRU's supposed rejection of Italian teams in the Magners League be linked to this in some way?
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    I thought the talks last year were about the prospect of the Irish teams playing in the EDF cup???
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    As far as I recall, the IRFU were rumoured to be speaking with Setanta, the RFU (who at the time still had hopes of setting up some of their own teams) and the FFR about getting a league together. The rumour started in Australia (I think) so I'm unsure if there's much truth to it. It's quite possible that the Irish provinces were trying to enter the EDF Cup too.
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