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BBC SPORT -White agent reveals England talks

Well it would never surprise me to see the RFU go for this route, and the England Job is a key Job in World Rugby as we do have a lot of talent coming through the ranks.
Well, your boy Ashton did only manage to get you to the final - i wouldn't stand for such a poor display of coaching either, to be honest. <_<
Well of course, we should of won it, and not played like a pub team in the final...
From Wales all the way to Argentina, it is safe to say that the lunatics are running the assylum of world rugby.
I dont know why White is so keen on the England post, i always thought it must be a weird feeling to coach a team that you normally play against and make gameplans for etc..

England should retain Ashton anyway. To chuck him after getting the team to the final of the world cup would be mindless.
I have this mentality with some girls.
They're great and all, they don't really do anything wrong and granted they don't make you feel on top of the world but they don't have much to work with so what they actually do is very impressive - however, as lucky as i should see myself...i'm still gonna get bored and either chuck her like a ******** that i am or make her leave by being a ********.

England is the ********.
Ashton's the girl that's worked hard on her man.

Strange analogy, yes.
But rings true in so many of your minds!
The RFU is the ********.

The rest of England is split between:

The stereotypical male freind - "Dude, good call, I didn't want to say it when you were with her but she's a mong. Check out that hot chick over there though, you should, like, totally go for it with her!"


The parents - "Why would you want to go and ruin what you had between you? She's a lovely girl, I just don't understand you sometimes."
Well that's exactly the reason why i moved out and decided to live on my own.
England just gets on my case too many times. I have to make my own mistakes!