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Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by woosaah, Sep 3, 2007.

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    This means anyone who joins this rebel league will be unavailable to be part of their respective countries. For instance Stephen Fleming and Shane Bond have both been roumered to be approached and if they go they cannot play first class cricket in new zealand, it will be like they would be shuned, and thats not good for the game, i think if it doesnt interfer with any commitments for their country it should be fine.

    Some good signings with Martyn being the first Australian to confirm he is going, while Warne and McGrath have been roumered to be going as well, since these three players have all retired it wouldnt make any difference to the ACB. Chris Cairns and Nathan Astle are also roumoured.

    Brian Lara has gone there, which is good for him, and probably good for alot of the older guys just because its only 6 weeks out of the year and they get a huge pay packet out of it. If this goes ahead i think it could ruin cricket if the ICC doesnt acknowledge it as part of cricket. I know its being goverened by some rich guy in India but it will cause a rift between top players, and we might not even see some of the top players play for their country which would be really sad to see. Maybe even seeing players leave in their prime for the big bucks.

    Hopefully it works out well and it becomes an even more global game, it will be interesting to see what happens, i hope we get to see it on tv over here.
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  3. BokMagic

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    Well, from a South African perspective, Lance Klusener, Nicky Boje and Andrew Hall has also signed for the rebel league. They`ll be earning approx. R2.5 mil per season, which is probably more than what they could`ve earned in SA over 10 years. And since CSA has made it pretty clear that they want nothing to do with the 3, well good for them.

    I dunno, would like to first see how things pan out before making a call on whether it`ll be a good or a bad thing for world cricket. Suffice to say that the last time we had a rebel league, the ICC was in a helluva mess beforehand, and Kerry Packer took full advantage. Almost overnight, cricket became a professional sport, and we`re all indebted to him for that. So maybe it`ll be good thing, seeing as the ICC is even further up shite creek without a paddle at the moment, than what they were before Packer stepped in. Should be interesting to see how things develop.
  4. woosaah

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    i am a bit worried about nz cricket now, i have heard of 2 maybe 3 players that are currently in the world cup twenty20 tornament that have signed. i know two are definates, the third is a bit of a mystery.

    wont be announced til after the cup though.
  5. esoj

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    cairns astle harris hamish marshall have all signed on and McMillian is rumoured to be close to signing on too.


    this rebel comp is shaping up very nicely with plenty of well known international players signed up. hopefully it is on tv beyond india because I know I would be keen to watch this with the likes of cairns maybe playing in the same team as lara etc.
  6. Hamster

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    Bit of a joke is you ask me.
  7. goraph

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    To be honest I hate this 20 overs game, so all of this sounds like nightmare.
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