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Be a Pro Problems


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Dec 31, 2016
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Hi guys,

Any chance of salvaging my Be a Pro saves?

In my most recent career I am an 84 inside centre. I started out in the NRC with Brisbane and have just finished my second 6 Nations with England. I have signed a contract with Harlequins in the premiership, but after the 6 Nations when I advance I get as far as 02 July 2017 and whilst the game is "player drafting" it crashes.

In my previous game I was an outside centre. In the 3rd season of my Be-a-pro I get a crash after a game between Queensland Country and Greater Sydney Rams. I was previously contracted to Queensland and am now with the Rams (not sure this makes a difference?).

I have played this game 4 times now, and simulated it twice. Each time I get to the end of the game but I get the crash after the game has finished and I have been through the stats.

Is there anything I can do to save theese careers? I've really enjoyed the Be a Pro mode of the game, but it is so frustrating that I just can't get beyond a certain point! Does anyone else have similar problems?