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Beijing Ol-smog-pics 2008



Honestly how much smog does it take before everyone starts telling the C.O.C's or Chinese Olympic commitee to go f*** themselves. Just check this out this is how it's suppose to look:

But this is what it actually looks like right now:

Just what all our athletes need a good overdose of smog.
I just don't understand where this smog has come from, I went to Beijing 2 years ago in September and every single day was a clear blue sky, no smog at all with temperatures averaging in the mid 30's. Shanghai has always been a far more filthy city than Beijing has so I wonder how that's looking atm <_<
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.....wait a minute somebody dumped a higghway in the lake
Smartarse. >_>
yeah but thats why you love me :bana: :bana:
I have to agree, it's absolutely ridiculous this. That cannot be good for anyone's lungs. Just looking at that picture makes my asthma twinge!

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