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Berries and Cream!



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So, this is sort of the American understanding of British People.
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Berries and Cream!
That accent is bullshit. It's either an American doing an impression, or a retard who hasn't lived anywhere near England (note England, not Britain, they are very different things) for a long time.

It's also a shite advert. I'd forget what the actual product was, the only thing that sticks in mind is the dance.
I knew about the Snickers - Marathon thing, but Starbursts are called Opal Fruits? Didn't know that one!
Berries and Cream! I just picture Teh Mite doing the dance! For he is the most English of all of you!
You Americans and your ridiculous branding!

Opal Fruits = cool.
Starburst = lame and unnecessary.

Apparently anything with the word "fruit" in the ***le wasn't dynamic enough. Or something.
We call the Gays "Fruits." As in, "That dude in spandex with glitter is a fruit."
So, to call something "Fruity" also would implicate anal sex with guys. As in, "That other Rugby Forum that isn't TRF is pretty fruity."
So, Opal Fuit, just sounds like something you'd call Sir Elton John. As in, "Hey, I just got back from a great concert!" "Who was it?" "Elton John!" "You paid money to see that Opal Fruit?"

I just hope the ad was taken with tongue in cheek (as i believe it was intended) coz it's just great.

You know, i didn't actually know it before, but when Getofmeland, webby and st.helens came to stay i caught them doing that dance when they thought i had retired to my room for the night.
I didn't know what it was at first, it explains itself now: they were just excited for the upcoming wimbledon.
You American's clearly have a more different culture to us than i initially thought.
How can the name "Opal Fruits" sound gay to you?
You are so homophobic across the pond, it's just funny. :bleh!:
Well, we can't help it that our cousins across the pond embrace homosexuality so much that you name your canides after them. Think about that next time you slip an Opal Fruit in your mouth...I bet it's bursting with flavor, right? You're all a bunch of Fruits!

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