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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Bossox88, Apr 12, 2008.

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    I play rugby at a collegiate level and my school (Franklin Pierce University) is now playing at Division III level except theres one problem. We have no money, no coach, and the school doesn't support the team so we're all on our own. There are very few people on the team with previous rugby experience, its mostly football and soccer players.

    Lately practices have been seeming monotonous and I'm looking for a way to diversify the drills that we have so we can keep improving and change things up to keep everyone interested. Do you all have any favorite drills? If so if you could post a description of them youd be doing a great help to our club. Thanks for the time and cheers.
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  3. My fave drill is something we call 'Bruise-Up'. It really helps with ruck fringe defence and slow ball attack. Shows from the fact the majority of my teams tries come from forward play close to the line and also the fact we haven't conceded a try from close contact play on the try line this season.

    Basically, bruise up is exactly what it says. You get 2 teams of maybe 6 or 7 in a small area...throw a ball in and tell them to get to the other try line. One thing I would suggest is you enforce the rules. If you don't, while your side may get good at forward play, they'll probably give away a lot of penalties for handling at the breakdown.

    It's a big fave with our team, and the results have shown this season.
  4. nick_w

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    Auckland squares was always a favourite of mine. Four corners with a group of at least four on each corner. From here you can practice so much, from ripping out of hand, pop passing, picking up off the floor, picking up dubious and unpredictable floor ball, passing off both hands, avoiding traffic during the game. Defo my favourite training exercise. :cheers:
  5. YKNGR

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    The best rugby practise would be just splitting your team into half and playing a full contact match against each other. The more experience IN the game is better than just passing the ball all day right?
  6. paretrooper

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    start practice with a game of touch rugby (tag) good for commumication,marking up,slideing D.

    if you do not a scrum machine for the fowards try some 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 2 on 1 and so forth
    for 2 on 1(ie 2 props 1 hooker) have the 2 bound players giveing the 1 opposing
    ( bound in like a scrum) at least 70% resistance but let the sole guy win. good for the leg
    strength! then change let all 3 have a go at pushing the other 2.
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