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Best Half Back on the game

How about you like him enough to learn his name before starting another thread of tripe.
ha i was jokin man chill lol im not that messed up or mean but i do know his name who do you think is the best
Originally posted by Humphreys@Mar 15 2005, 06:44 PM
i do know his name chill the f**k out
Well what is it then?

Anyway, haven't played the game as yet, but I presume Wilkinson is up there with the best of them.
Originally posted by lemon@Mar 15 2005, 09:05 PM
Wilkinson is a half back now?
My use of the term half back means scrum half (9) and/or fly half (10). That's how I have always used, and been brought up to use it.
well im Talkin Scrum Half my bad for not specifyin and his name is Moses Rauluni
oh i thought you mean nicky little... who rocks, by the way. if anyone hasnt gathered that yet.
some1 gave me **** about it lmao i still im part irish me mum is like 100% irish exept her great granpa was born in Fiji
oh okay. and you also realized that you were 25% maori instead of 5? haha jk man
lol im a mix you know i have everything but GENETICALLY SPEAKIN 5% aint possible thats what he said so f it
Yeh, Rauluni is good. If I remember correctly, didn't he play a stint in the Super 12, for the Reds?

Anyway, I don't think he would be the best, maybe up there tho.

I'd say the best would come down to these 3, Justin Marshall (of New Zealand), George Gregan (of Australia) or Augstin Pichot (I know I've spelt that wrong, of Argentina).

1 more sleep and then I'll know

Jamie Gough
yea Agustin Pichot is great so are the other 2 but Raulini is tight i agree with you not the best i was just suggesting lol
Pichot is the man.

He's the reason why chose I Stade Francais (on Medium) and ran away with the tournament.

In real life, when he used to play for Richmond, I saw him against Sale -- picked up from a ruck well within their own half, possibly near their own 22, and ran the length of the pitch. It was a great sight.
I will be playing Matt Giteau as my scrum half he is tiny and quick. Also because he is my kicker cant play him in the centre because I will have O'Driscoll and Tana

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