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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by QLD, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. QLD

    QLD Guest

    Between Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, who do you reckon is:

    The Best Rugby Union Nation
    The Best Rugby League Nation

    The polynesians are some of the best natural athletes in the world and with rugby as their national sport so many of them have achieved a lot in rugby. They're big, skillful and fast - the perfect build for rugby.

    I think Fiji is the best at rugby union - they've produced so many good players and are the best athletes in the world imo - they're athletic ability is scary. Two QF berths and a number of them have played for the AB's and Wallabies, followed by Samoa, then Tonga.

    imo its vice versa in league. Tongas the best, then Samoa then Fiji - they'res so many Tongans and Samoans in the NRL especially, they're fantastic to watch.

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  3. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Well, the islands' games are all different. But i would say Fiji easily on current form in both codes.

    Fiji have an awesome running game, and probably the most solid forwards and set-piece. Fiji are also better disciplined these days or more canny.
    Samoa have a different type of flair running to Fiji, and i'd say the worst set-piece but have marginally more potential than Fiji overall.
    Tonga are awesome at rucktime and have solid, but undisciplined forwards. They are by far the most brutal hitters.

    So currently, on form i'd say.. Fiji > Tonga > Samoa > everyone else.

    At the RWC i think Tonga came out as the best team. Samoa misfired, Fiji did very well indeed, but compare Tonga with the 2003 team and you will see why. Especially as their situation hold them back. Believe me, Tongan rugby will boom in the next couple of years i think.. it's due.

    As for RL, well none of the islands really take it too seriously but i think it's their more natural game. Hit and run and much less kicking. Fiji are currently the best RL team in the islands, apart from PNG IMHO.

    In 7's i'd say Samoa is top. Fiji didn't reach a final last season if i recall, but you can never ever write them off. Very hot and cold, whereas Samoa are much more consistent at the moment.
  4. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Each country produces a slightly different athlete.

    Generally speaking:
    Fijians produce the fastest players...which is why you get their likes making the AB's as wingers...Roko/Sivi and the one guy who unfortunately was not able to play for NZ...the great Caucau.  NZ rugby is littered with fast Fijian wingers.
    Tongans have the strongest players.  Most of their players in NZ ranks have done well in the forward department and have excelled in the front row and loose forwards as men of power.  Even in the backs the Tongan men have got strength as their main attribute.
    Samoans have the skill players.  They have to make up for their lack of strength and speed by being a bit more you will see then as a bridge between the Tongan forwards and the Fijian outside backs.  Centre is where Samoans tend to play as they are not strong enough to dominate in the forwards and not fast enough to rule with the outside backs.

    What the P.I nations lack are the type of players who can create...the tactical playmaker.  This is why we are waiting for Nuie to get their act together and develop thinking rugby players.  Nuie is the only country in the pacific that has free thinkers.....they were the only ones who resisted the missionary movements sweeping over the pacific...thus recieving the name "Savage Islands".

    Unfotunately Nuie paid a huge price for resisting European missionaries by becoming a largely ignored island which now relies heavily on aid from NZ for its economic survival.

    Frank Bunce...the brains behind the AB defence in the 90's was in fact not mostly of Samoan blood despite once playing for them....he is in fact mainly of Nuiean blood.  I worked with his mother and sister and have been in their house and let me tell you there is no reference to that tiny bit of Samoan blood they have.  In fact maybe if Bunce had been fully Nuiean he could have been the first Nuiean AB first five!
  5. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    I agree with all that. Nice post GG!
  6. Nat

    Nat Guest

    Samoans are getting better tactically. Their investment in 7s will eventually pay out, abit like Fiji's as. Tonga is coming along but judging by the Pacific Nations Cup are still some way off.
  7. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Tonga is a rugby explosion waiting to happen. Tongan rugby could be so much better if it had a better investment and some more structure. It is my belief that Tonga are the most talented rugby playing nation in the world when you take into account how many of their small population play rugby and then go pro, end up in other national teams or play at a very high level.

    Thus, Tonga will never suffer in local competitions as they have this stream of talent. They only really have the RWC to impress in, but since their hammerings of '99 and '03 they have come an awful long way in the past year.

    The Tonga you saw a year ago in France is just the very beginning of this rugby explosion. Tongan rugby needs some stability, some real guidance and focus to get up to the levels Samoa and Fiji are at and when they do i would not be surprised to see Tonga flourish.

    I saw Tautahi Gold this year in the PNC. It was clear that they didn't perhaps have the organisation/funds they needed. If anyone knows the harbour area of Apia and the Hotel Kitano, i am sure it was them training on the green by the bus stop!

    They won the competition against a strong Upolu side packed with national 7's and Manu Samoa 'A' players, by training at a bus stop. Awesome!
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