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Best site to watch the world cup?



I know there are threads such as these but I have a different problem/situation. I want to subscribe to watch the world cup. I already have a subsciption to MediaZone Rugby channel but their not carrying the RWC 07. So I went looking and so far all I've found is Setanta Broadband and IRB web site. I'm not sure which one is better but the IRB web site shows games on a 24 hour delay which I definately do not want. Where is the best most complete coverage of the RWC. Also I am going to have to watch these games online and I want to project the games for my college team but I'm running on a Mac laptop. Will I be able to watch the games on my mac and if not does anyone with previous experience know what I can do to get to watch it on the mac? I know there are some programs that will let me put windows on my mac and watch the games that way.

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