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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by steynboi, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. steynboi

    steynboi Guest

    Since 09 is on the horizon i want to find out which was there favourite game?.

    Mine as HCTP because it featured good storymode, pleanty of wrestlers and a great set of attires to wear.
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  3. Jono078

    Jono078 Guest

    HCTP by FAR!

    Best roster, presentation, controls, modes etc etc..

    I don't know why they killed off HCTP controls so quickly, as soon as Smackdown Vs Raw started it got really dodgy and didnt feel good.

    Oh, and the countless hours of fun jumping of New York Times Square and bouncing like a sardine once you hit the ground, excellent!

    Honestly, id buy that game right now - again, it is just THAT good!
  4. steynboi

    steynboi Guest

    i brought the game yesterday.

    I did add a poll but i do not know why it aint showing.
  5. Jono078

    Jono078 Guest

    Says a lot when you buy a game from what, 5 years ago? and it is still better than recent Smackdowns and in all probability the soon to be released Smackdown 09.

    Even the Overall ratings back then were good, now everyone is a bloody 86 Overall in Smackdown 09, so stupid.
  6. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    Smackdown vs raw 06. Stamina system made for tense battles. 80s hulk, hollywood hogan, and hulk hogan all available, aswell as hulk hogan voice acted in story mode. I was a hulkmaniac when I was a kid. Also, the rock, steve austin,bret hart, ted dibiase, andre the giant and mankind as unlockable legends. It was like legends of wrestling rolled into the same game. not to mention the legends are all avalable in GM mode, allowing great 80s matchups and old versus new. Also mankind and stonecold voiced in story mode. I havent touched anther wrestling game since, and I still play it regularly.
  7. Smackdown 2 - Know Your Role. Asbolutely superb.
  8. steynboi

    steynboi Guest

    i like all the updated **** in smackdown vs raw 2009 but i also liked how you could walk around in shut your mouth.
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