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Biarritz olympique - Stade Toulousain



Hu Mr M Two One
I'm sorry for you but Stade Toulousain beat Biarritz olympique at Aguiléra 18-6
Yes and I have to say Toulouse was not helped by the ref.

That's really not my kind but that ref, Matheu, was really really bad. It looks like he came just to give a yellow card to Kelleher. Throughout the entire game, he saw one man : 9 noir.

when Brusque and Kelleher run one in the other, at the begining of the second half, the ref gave a penalty for Biarritz. Why ? where was the infringment ?

Maybe the yellow card was justified, although I don't think Kelleher could really move, but when a player gives a dozen of kicks in the head of another player, when the touch judge notices it him and asks a yellow card for Dellape, when the TMO notices it and asks a yellow card once more, why doesn't he give a yellow card (at least) to Dellape ?

It is not rational, it is not fair. M. Matheu, I'll look at your next prestations with care...

It was an easy victory for Toulouse. It's amazing to see how Poitrenaud can be a brilliant player with Toulouse and quite invisible in XV de France.
Mr Matheu acted as if he wanted to add Kelleher head at his trophy collection and yes Poitrenaud has been bright.
And he struck again.

Illegitime try awarded to Clermont, against Bourgoin...
And he struck again.

Illegitime try awarded to Clermont, against Bourgoin... [/b]

One of Bourgoin's try was not valid either, it was scored after a forward pass.
Biarritz are having a very slow start to the season. If they don't pick up within the next 5-8 matches then the season may be lost. It may take that long too, so we'll see. Some say BO are going to concentrate more on the H-Cup this season. Who knows, but they better get back on track!

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