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Biarritz v Glasgow


An Tarbh

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Biarritz v Glasgow

Biarritz will be looking to get last week's match out of their system when they face Glasgow in this weekend's return match. A more clinical performance should get the job done against a Glasgow side that has yet to taste victory in a Heineken Cup match in France and that task won't be any easier against a side with a home record like Biarritz, granted their recent form hasn't been stellar but the same can be said of Glasgow as well.

So your thoughts, what chance of Glasgow breaking their French duck or will Biarritz put the Warriors to the sword?

Biarritz: 15 Nicolas Brusque, 14 Takudzwa Ngwenya, 13 Philippe Bidabe, 12 Damien Traille, 11 Benjamin Thiery, 10 Julien Peyrelongue, 9 Fabien Cibray, 8 Jacques Cronje, 7 Imanol Harinordoquy, 6 Serge Betsen, 5 Santiago Dellape, 4 Jerome Thion ©, 3 Denis Avril, 2 Benjamin Noirot, 1 Eduard Coetzee.
Replacements: 16 Benoît August 17 Petru Balan 18 Trevor Hall 19 Samiu Vahafolau 20 Marcelo Bosch 21 Henry Fa'afili 22 Ashwin Willemse

Glasgow: 15 Bernardo Stortoni, 14 Lome Fa'atau, 13 Andrew Henderson, 12 Daryl Gibson, 11 Hefin O'Hare, 10 Dan Parks ©, 9 Sam Pinder, 8 Johnnie Beattie, 7 John Barclay, 6 Kelly Brown, 5 Dan Turner, 4 Andy Newman, 3 Moray Low, 2 Fergus Thomson, 1 Justin Va'a.
Replacements: 16 Eric Milligan, 17 Ed Kalman, 18 Opeta Palepoi, 19 James Eddie, 20 Chris O'Young, 21 Scott Barrow, 22 Graeme Morrison.
ok, shall i go with the head or the heart?

Cant really see Glasgow winning this one, but i think it could still be a very close game! Glasgow have been defending fantastically this season - and during the first 20 minutes on sunday Glasgow were outclassing them in attack aswell. (before they decided to play for a win) Perhaps tonight we will see a similar performance from start to finish?

Glasgow could just sneak a result here though - i would predict Biarritz by 5-10 points but squeaky bum time going into the last 5 mins.
Well it's looking like they'll more than sneak a result in this one, not good times for les Biarrots.
So not to be for Glasgow, who are still looking for their maiden win in France, that's certainly the closest they've come by the way, although if the biased match tracker is to be believed a deserved win for Biarritz.
Watched on Sky, and i was proud of what i saw. We didnt deserve to lose and the scoreline doesnt reflect the match at all really. Our defense was stronger than ever, something to take out of the game. The fact that it took 75mins for Biarritz to break down our defense and that we where down to 14men at that time aswell, just proves the statement of Glasgow's defense.

Referee and linesman missed many offsides, stamping and punches and just whernt with the game tonight.

We didnt have much attacking ball, but the first 3 times in Biarritz's half and we come away with 11 points (2 pens and a try) was pretty good.

i'll give it to Biarritz, they didnt back down and stop trying to get a try.

all i can say is that i cant wait to go to Edinburgh and watch what should be a really good game. Saracens the next Heineken Cup home fixture. 5th time lucky i say!
Absolutly gutted with the result. Before the game i would have been happy with it but now it feels like we got nothing. :(

Warriors never really deserved to loose, and Biarritz converting the last try would have been a MASSIVE injustice. Fair play to dan though, it takes a strong personality to even attempt a drop goal like that and I certainly wont hold it against him this time.

Though the ref missed a shed load of offsides (although for both teams) but his only real howler was his failure to spot a blatant stamp on our guys head for no reason.

All in all though, we defended brilliantly (well done Gary!) and Biarritz just couldnt find a way past our full strength side. (again)

We could have recorded a historic result tonight. Unfortunatly it wasnt to be, however I for one (and im sure all my fellow fans will agree) am immensly proud to support the team tonight. This team is on the verge of good times, and Edinburgh could be in trouble 2 weeks today! :D

So lets get a bumper crowd through the gates and beat Saracens to secure a last 8 place! :D
What a sore one, really thought Glasgow were going to hang on. Without a shadow of a doubt that was the best defensive performance i have ever seen, i thought the sin binning was a ridiculous decision, as Dick Best said it just looked like counter rucking. If they had held on i would have put my money on Glasgow progressing, it just wasnt to be.

Biarritz really frustrate me, they have probably the fastest man in world rugby on the wing, Willemse has plenty of pace and the likes of Brusque and Traille also in the backline. Yet they never feed them with any ball, yet again they just do enough to win and no more. I hope they dont progress.

One more thing, Ngwenya couldnt catch Barclay :huh: :lol:

Looking forward to tomorrow's games.
That is probably the cruellest way to have lost the game. Like Quinnell said in the later analysis, Parks took a drop-goal from much further out earlier in the game than the one he took at the end, so he maybe shoul have went back 15ft to get a better chance of a successful kick.
P.S. Ngweyna is overrated.
* Couldn't edit the previous post *

Anyway, that was a fun match. Quite a few calls wrong against Glasgow, especially twice for stomping by Biarritz. Those were inexcusable in my opinion and one of which was clear as day to the ref and he still missed it. A few missed calls on the Glasgow players as well. However, I can't complain as at least the match was competitive and a thriller down to the final minutes.

Amazing defense by Glasgow to prevent several BO try opportunities. BO were the better team by talent, but just kept committing so many errors it was unbelievable. They kept possession of the ball most of the match from what I seen, but kept turning it over during crucial moments in the match. Also, I've never seen so many bad passes by this team. Glasgow on the other hand may not have had as much possession, but obviously made more of their chances. Good show by a team getting stronger each match.

With such low morale at the BO camp a win with two tries is a plus. Hopefully they can get back on track with this win and continue scoring more in Top 14 as well. There is no excuse for their poor offensive play since the beginning of the season.
How can anyone be tagged as "overrated" on playing their debut pro match?
Because he outran Habana on a tight angle and is now rated as one of the best wingers on Earth. If there was more time for him to catch him, Habana would have won the race. When Ngwenya does something meaningful at Biarritz, I might take back my statement.

P.S. Did anyone hear Scott Quinnell and Michael Lynagh have a go at Biarritz for being 'boring'?
Will Greenwood: "They'll live to frustrate us another day." :lol:
Because he outran Habana on a tight angle and is now rated as one of the best wingers on Earth. If there was more time for him to catch him, Habana would have won the race. When Ngwenya does something meaningful at Biarritz, I might take back my statement.[/b]

Never has he been rated "one of the best wingers on Earth." At high point he was said to be one of the top amateurs in rugby union; a quick paced player with a lot of explosive moves. This narrows down to him quite well. You're entitled to your opinion and that is respected, however mine is that judgment of a player's abilities on one game (let alone a debut) isn't a logical approach. Looking forward to more from Z.
Fair enough, but some people (critics even) were rating him as the wing of the World Cup (So in other words, World's best winger) on his try against South Africa alone. That makes me feel he is overrated, that he gets that ***le for that one try. Okay, he made his debut just the other day, but the way Biarritz play (i.e. without backs) he most likely won't improve until Biarritz's gameplan improves.

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