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Big Muscular Players


Henry Penry

Anyone know if you can make a player bigger, look bigger. I mean i made Tuilagi Brothers 129kg but they still look like 80kg. Jerry Collins's Biceps must be way bigger and McCalistar's legs too.

so is it possible guys?
I wondered this. I wondered if making the player a prop or hooker would change their size. It does work, but for someone like Tuilagi you'd have to put prop as the first position and then wing, flanker or centre of whatever position they'd usually play and also make them a bit taller, heavier etc.

They have to have the skills of Ma'a Nonu but the bulk/size of a prop.
I'd like to see a bigger variation in player size and builds. For example, Matt Dunning should look fat, and Fiji's players should be bigger.
None of the players look to great. Most of them are not the right size.

Maybe in Rugby 09 or 10, they will actually come out with a good game.

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