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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Brett22Smith, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Brett22Smith

    Brett22Smith Guest

    Hi guys - I've been through most of the posts and didnt find a similar one.

    Anyway - I finally got a big score in 08 like I used to get in 06. By my world league brumbies team vs L. tigers. A 5min half game on elite- final score 159 - 3 (the barstards got the ball and hogged it-so i gave away a penalty) missed one kick-23 tries in total. Had Beale at fly then, williams, habana O'Dirscoll and Robinson - literally caught the ball off the kick off and scored without a breakdown every time. I think 180 might be possible at 5 mins.
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  3. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    thats a pretty good effort, though i woudl get bored of it if i kept winning games like that :)

    well done though :)
  4. Brett22Smith

    Brett22Smith Guest

    I know what you mean-the problem is the AI- the defense is better in 5-10m away from try line-but anywhere its too easy-the only challenge left is to try and score 100 points. I'll try to win the world cup with romania or usa-maybe that will be difficult...
  5. Thingimubob

    Thingimubob Guest

    haven't done one fo them for ages. my record on elite is around 84 - 7 which was purely by accident when I was playing with Clermont against Toulouse in a Knockout Cup match in the WL. Wierdest thing was I had them next in a normal league match, and only just beating them 12 - 7.
    My record on 06 was around 140 - 7 on elite with Wales against Romania. Bores the hell out of me just smashing teams over and over again, so I tend to fiddle with the squads. Best game I ever had was a really close 15 - 10 semi-final win on 08 with Wales against the All Blacks. The close exciting games are always better.
  6. gaslight

    gaslight Guest

    Best I did this week was about 72 - 3 or something. The game stops being fun when you dominate every match without having to try :(.
  7. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    Man thats a good score! The most I've done is around 100 on 5 min and 150 something on 20 min on elite. That was the All Blacks vs Romania. I've scored 28-0 with Japan against the ABs using the default rosters but that was when I was good. I suck now:(
  8. dangandan

    dangandan Guest

    Hi fellas,

    I agree with Brett22Smith as i got 182 - 0 with Biarittz vs. London Wasps. on elite. on 5min halfs. Ngwenya bagging 11 tries and kicker recieving 100% kicking rate. I set out to beat them by this much and so I did. even i was amazed at my score.
  9. Brett22Smith

    Brett22Smith Guest

    Awesome stuff - i knew it could be done. A slightly higher score may be possible-but only if the opposing side kicks it off short to the forwards - then quick ball to backs
  10. Nat

    Nat Guest

    I flogged Romania with Italy on PS2 by 144-3. Lucky basteads scored a penalty. I done that on Pro, I dont play elite or club. I found once when I played Neath-Swansea vs Australia 'A' I got Shane Williams to score 8 tries, Mark Gerrand was playing full back and I just keep doing a "In and away" beat him everytime!
  11. springbok90

    springbok90 Guest

    lol and i though i was good at Rugby, on rugby 06 i used to be able to beat all the elite league teams 50+ to nil on elite difficulty 5 min halves, but wat u guys have done is absolutley crazy!!! btw these games need to double the difficulty of elite
  12. 98-0 lol Crusaders vs Waratahs
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