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Bad enough of appointing him considering his past but this is beyond a joke, Romanov has lost the plot, moreso when getting rid of Burley. Gobshite.
Everton signed this guy Kroldrup recently...

The reason why everton are offloading per kroldrup after only 5 months....

Apparently Moyes signed Kroldrup without going to see him himself, took the
advice of a european scout working for the club. A £5.1 million bid was
lodged and Udinese the Italian club who Kroldrup was playing for couldn't
believe their luck and immediately accepted Everton's bid.

Only after the player was signed and all the neccessary paperwork had been
completed, and the player himself had completed his first training session
with his new team mates did Moyes begin to smell a rat.

Moyes was apparently totally unimpressed with what he had seen and it was
only then after he made enquiries with the scout that it dawned on him.
Everton had signed the WRONG player!!!

The player the scout had watched had been Kroldrup's centre-back partner!

This was why the Everton bid was immediately successful and they
(Udinese)were it has been reported, totally amazed with the size of the

So, Moyes now had a problem, he had a centre-back he knew was not good
enough for the Premiership, he also needed to off-load him and get back if
possible the club's £5.1 million.

How was he going to do this without losing face with the Everton fans. The
first thing he did was report to the press that Kroldrup was injured, he
did in fact have a slight injury but not enough to keep him out for 3
months ,which is what happened.

Eventually through pressure from local phone-ins, fan groups and local and
national press asking questions about this £51 million invisible man, and
also because of the club's injury list, Weir was injured etc, he eventually
had to play him against Villa at Villa Park.

It was there that David Moyes worst fears were realised, Kroldrup had a
stinker, was out of his depth and Moyes knew it.

The problem now was that other managers had now seen Kroldrup's
non-performance so there was no chance of them getting back their
£5.1 million- and he knew it.

It has been recently reported that Florentina have put in a bid for £3.6
million, my source tells me that is in fact bull, they have offered Everton
1 million Euros- which is approximately £700,000.

An agreement has been reached with Florentina to release to the media that
the figure is £3.6 million, mainly, to save face at Everton Football Club.

So, there you have it, mismanagement on a grand scale which goes to show
how EFC went from being called the Mersey Millionaires in the sixty's to
the total shambles which the club is today.

Moyes apparently blames Chief Executive Wyness, he blames the european
scout, others within the club blame Chairman Bill Kenwright.

In summary, surely the true blame lies with MR DAVID MOYES THE MANAGER.
Why? Because surely if you are going to sign a player from a european
league for the above mentioned fee (£5.1 million) you, YOURSELF go to watch
that player."


Good stuff, eh?
What a clown for not looking at the player himself, I know he has a busy job but with that much money being bid you'd think he'd check him out himself.
Hearts are a complete joke. When I was young I used to support them with them being my local team but in the past few years I've been an Ayr Utd fan (following in my Dad's footsteps. To be perfectly honest, I couldn't care less if Hearts became a mess cause all of my mates at school are footie fans and love Hearts and defend them to the last and it would be a big get it right up ye to them.
no idea about that Everton email, i just got it in an email from a Liverpool supporter!

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